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2017-02-25 Latin - Pronunciation of the Diphthong "Ae":

In Classical Latin, "ae" is a diphthong, that is, a vowel composed of two sounds, the "a" and the "e."  The diphthong was pronounced as in the modern English word "aye" ("ah" with a glide to "ay" at the

2017-02-25 Greek - Are people overthinking the line, "wine-dark sea"?:

Hello,    it is just acceptable to think  that Homer  meant that the sea was dark, especially since  he uses the epithet οἶνοψ (transliterated as “óinops”) either for the sea

2017-02-16 Latin - - Unus e multis:

Hello,    “Unus E Multis” with a capital letter for the "e" and "m" is not an improper usage, though it is not the same as the usage of capital letters as the first letter in the first, middle and last

2017-02-14 Latin - Motto Check:

Hello,    first of all the correct spelling of the  motto is “Periissem ni perstitissem”  or  “Perissem ni perstitissem”, where the word “ni” stands for “nisi” which is a conditional negative conjunction

2017-02-10 Latin - grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In “Nam cuius rei eventus incertus est, id ut aliquando procedat, saepe temptandum est” (Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, 81.2) the neuter pronoun “id” can be considered the antecedent


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