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Low Fat Cooking

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2017-03-01 Nutrition & Dieting - Belly:

Eating raw vegetables is one thing you can do to help repair your fatty liver. Drink raw veggie juice. Eat less carbs, increase exercise, subtract sugar from diet. All these things will help you . The

2017-03-01 Nutrition & Dieting - Belly:

Deep seated visceral fat is the most dangerous. This is  the fat that will kill you if left unchecked. Consistency in proper eating habits will eventually take care of this for you. A combination of diet

2017-02-18 Nutrition & Dieting - Omega-3:

Omega's may increase the effect of the warfarin or Coumadin, this inturn may cause you to bleed much more if cut. Because of your medicine it may also cause a drop in blood pressure or if you have diabieties

2017-02-17 Nutrition & Dieting - Sea salt:

Salt is one of the most dangerous substances you can put in your body unless you live in an environment where you consistently sweet all day long. The RDA says no more then 2000 mg of salt per day and

2017-02-17 Low Fat Cooking - salad dressings:

Hello, Anne:    Sorry for the delay in responding.    I agree that high fat salad dressings defeat the purpose of the salad, although a small amount of healthy fat like olive oil or walnut oil is actually


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