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2016-09-20 Literature - Number of words:

Hello!    Thanks for the straightforward question!     There is a great article on Wikipedia about this, actually, and it mentions a variety of professional sources to come to the word counts it presents

2016-09-08 Literature - Annapurna:

Hello    While I wouldn't take my word for it - and I am an expert on literature, not so much book values, it looks like a first edition of this book in good condition is averaging less than $4    http://www

2016-08-24 Poetry - alliteration / assonance:

Dear Tom,    In the two lines, (1) Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus SANDS .... or   (2) Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus SIGNS, the alliteration is the same, and neither possesses

2016-07-27 Literature - how to understand a novel:

Hello Essi    I am happy you are starting where you are - I have also read a most of Atwood and Franzen, but I have not read Purity yet.     This is a relatively big question, and of course there are many

2016-07-25 Literature - Psychology and literary criticism:

Hello Jacob    Psychoanalytic criticism tends to capture many elements of psychology, and also some cross-discipline elements such as the overlap of Jung's archetypes (Man and His Symbols) which then were


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