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2017-01-14 Literature - Ancient Greek literature: Thucydides:

Hello,    you are right when you say that  "Archaeology" (Άρχαιολογία) is not  the name that Thucydides himself  has used to indicate the 1st book

2017-01-12 Poetry - Martin Luther King:

Dear Dana,    The rest of the piece can be found at      Hope this helps.      Here is the complete URL:

2016-11-17 Etymology (Meaning of Words) - Humans are political:

   Hello         I hope that you're having a fine weekend.         Of course I can't know exactly what Aristotle had in mind but I certainly can speculate.  I believe he meant that all of us, like politicians

2016-11-09 Literature - What is literary economy?:

Hi Bear    I am pretty sure that what your professor is referring to is the author's approach to writing where they are focused on providing the "best words in the best order," that is, being economic

2016-11-05 Literature - Carlyle's Book "On Heroes...":

Hello!    So, I have not read this book, but I can offer insight into what the sentence means.     It looks like the character of Odin (the god of war and death) is being examined as a god or all-powerful


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