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2016-11-17 Etymology (Meaning of Words) - Humans are political:

   Hello         I hope that you're having a fine weekend.         Of course I can't know exactly what Aristotle had in mind but I certainly can speculate.  I believe he meant that all of us, like politicians

2016-11-09 Literature - What is literary economy?:

Hi Bear    I am pretty sure that what your professor is referring to is the author's approach to writing where they are focused on providing the "best words in the best order," that is, being economic

2016-11-05 Literature - Carlyle's Book "On Heroes...":

Hello!    So, I have not read this book, but I can offer insight into what the sentence means.     It looks like the character of Odin (the god of war and death) is being examined as a god or all-powerful

2016-10-19 Literature - Absurdism:

Absolutely! So, it is good that you're at least aware of the masters of the genre. What is interesting is that a lot of the absurdist authors of today tend to take themselves seriously, which is somewhat

2016-09-30 Literature - Hamlet:

Hello Stephanie,    You can only really do a perfect analysis if you have a very high level of knowledge. One of the crucial bits of knowledge is that the idea of "purgatory" was done away with in Protestantism


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