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2016-11-30 Jehovah`s Witness - 1975:

There has been speculation and discussions about 1975 and what it could mean.  Here's some info from the WTS.    "The Witnesses had long shared the belief that the Thousand Year Reign of Christ would follow

2016-11-30 Jehovah`s Witness - Queen mother:

Hi Rano,  Pardon me while as I simply answer from my memory, but I haven't had much time for much of anything but traveling for work these days.  Although the title "queen mother" was used to identify

2016-11-29 Catholics - Transubstantiation:

Actually it is both and.      The priest is speaking the words of consecration over the elements of bread and wine.  As the priest is speaking the words as the Alter Christus, the Holy Spirit is working

2016-11-28 Christianity -- Christian Living - Is God fair? Why im dead alive while who killed me is so happy?:

Hello Uriah!     Thank you for your question. Thank you for taking the time to speak so freely so that we can address some situations that are currently going on in your life. For one thing, I'd like you

2016-11-27 Catholics - litany of saints:

Each organization of bishops (like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops) has an office which approves the text that will be printed in missiles and prayer books.  These are the "official" documents for


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