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2017-02-26 Catholics - bread and cup:

Whore of Babylon the Catholic Church?  So which Jack Chick tract did you get that out of?  Even the more learned Protestants with who I have corresponded over the years have never suggested such a thing

2017-02-26 Catholics - bread and cup:

Yes, I could try to change your mind through using the Scriptures.  However, I have been doing this a long time. Trying to change your mind through the use of the Scriptures would be an exercise in futility

2017-02-25 Catholics - Non catholics:

Edwin, nice to hear from Singapore.  Yes, OK, to all your specific questions.  You would not be doing anything wrong for a person who is doing them in sincerity and devotion.  In fact these "sacramentals"

2017-02-25 Catholics - Regarding non catholics:

IN answer to your questions, all of the things you mentioned you can do.  Ashes and holy water are considered "sacramentals" and you don't have to be baptized to participate in them.  But why not become

2017-02-25 Catholics - Non Catholics attending mass:

Of course you can!  You can do all those things!  I encourage you to do them. They would be very good for you to do.      The question is--if you believe in the Catholic Faith, why don't you seek baptism?


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