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Macintosh OS

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2017-01-19 Macintosh OS - IS THIS NEW:

Updating a computer is just installing the latest software. The updates may be fixed for software bugs, security patches or additional features.    Upgrading could be software upgrades or could be hardware

2017-01-05 Macintosh OS - really slow:

You seem to have plenty of ram and hard disc space. Your operating system is, however, very old. Have you tried a speed test? Go to     If this downloads at a good rate, then your internet

2016-12-31 Macintosh OS - Importing video for dv editing on an iMac:

I do not know. What is the latest Sony Camcorder? What does it do?    I would guess that Google will tell you many things with a search for "Digital Video Camera"    Maybe the manufacturers have forums

2016-12-31 Macintosh OS - view options/defaults:

I think I know what you are after. If you wish to get an applications window up, without first opening a new folder, then simply click on the Finder Icon in the Dock (left end) or click on the desktop

2016-12-20 Macintosh OS - slow:

Depends on your Mac Model, internet speed, ethernet or wifi, OSX version, browser version, RAM (memory in Mac), video card in Mac.  A Fast Computer on a Fast internet connection should solve the problem


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