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2017-03-20 Employment Law - Employees Not Paid:

If you are not paid on time and there is not a good response at the meeting to explain you can contact your local Department of Labor and  file a claim for unpaid wages.    Here is the New York law on

2017-03-19 Dealing with Employees - Moslems want hallal meat at social events?:

Dear Bud:    Thank you for your question.  Have you heard the expression "Giv'em an inch, and they'll take a mile."  That's what you are dealing with in this situation.  Really doesn't matter what select

2017-03-14 Managing a Business - Document shredding:

Art I never used an online service and I would only use a service that has been in business for a while there has to be mobile or shredding services that have days they go to specific sites to do on site

2017-03-09 Employment Law - Supervisor Harassment:

I am not sure of the legal rules on a learning disability. I would think they would have to make an accommodation for the disability under the ADA rules such as transferring to another position. You need

2017-03-03 Math and Science Solutions for - Trilateration & Multilateration (I think):

Stephen, this is a great question. I have worked on something similar before. Let me collect my notes and get back to you with some hopefully useful results.    Meanwhile, your problem has a couple of


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