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2016-11-13 Performance Management - human resource:

Poor performance in Asian organizations is due to multiple reasons. I would frame the answer in two phases: direct causes for poor performance and indirect causes for poor performance.  Direct causes:

2016-11-10 Employment Law - vacation pay:

Whether or not you receive vacation pay depends on how they handle it in your company. If they pay it out to other's that have been terminated you should also be paid the vacation time.  The laws do not

2016-11-07 Employment Law - Relocation Expenses and company closing:

you were paid the relocation fees to relocate to the current locality.  it will not apply to relocating to another locallity.  You could argue this point.  It is not you that is moving but the company

2016-10-24 Hiring Employees - Resignation:

 Hi Michelle,       Your employer is required to pay you for your unused vacation time and sick time when you give notice.       Warm Regards,    Mariano Pacleb, Jr.  Chief Operating Officer  mariano

2016-10-19 Employment Law - Exempt employee and tips:

Skye,    The answer to your questions is - as an exempt managerial level employee you should probably not be sharing in tips, particularly if this is a one-off type of event. By doing so, you are creating


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