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2017-02-08 Managing a Business - Postage machines:

Art I have no background on mailing alternatives but I think you have the right idea search each company and compare rates and look for the best deal the one thing I do know is they all will get the job

2017-02-03 Employment Law - Non Scheduled Emergency Meetings:

If this is required of everyone than it is okay that it is required of you because of either company policy or precedent set.  They cannot fire you for this reason, however you have to work there so I

2017-01-25 Employment Law - uniforms:

I apologize for the answer taking so long. Apparently I thought I had answered it on the 23rd of January.  Here is the copy of the answer that I was sent by which when I answered your question

2017-01-20 Selling or Buying a Small - Selling shares, corporation formation, and DBA:

Hello, Alex, and thank you for contacting AllExperts.     This is a relatively small but complicated transaction. First of all, a seller would have to be highly motivated to sell at this price, and with

2016-12-21 Employment Law - time clocks:

I do not believe this would be a problem.  The person clocking in at the warehouse knows the is a bit extra to get to the time clock and needs to account for that.  Many companies such as ours check in


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