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2016-09-18 Employment Law - Overtime & A Flex Schedule:

Unless you are working in an industry which is exempt from the FLSA or partially exempt each week stands alone and you must be paid overtime. There are a few exemptions to the the law.     OVERTIME  In

2016-08-16 Employment Law - Copy of SSN when hiring.:

It is federal law the employer must have a copy of the employee's social security number on file. They have to have it to use on the W-2 form and also they need it on the I-9 form to make sure the person

2016-08-05 Managing a Business - Starting a new role as a BA in the education industry:

Hi Viviene,    The BA role in the education industry is quite niche practice. So the expectations might also not be clear for both the employee and the employer. The main role of a business analyst is

2016-07-29 Employment Law - Payroll error/federal employment/usps:    The above link is to the California department of labor wage payment rules. Also on the webpage is a place to file for unpaid wages.     Here is a partial

2016-07-26 Managing a Business - managerial economics:

Hello Zaman,    Certainly regression analysis is one tool that could be used, however, it relies on complete and robust data. If the data is incomplete or questionable it will yield misleading results


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