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2017-01-20 Selling or Buying a Small - Selling shares, corporation formation, and DBA:

Hello, Alex, and thank you for contacting AllExperts.     This is a relatively small but complicated transaction. First of all, a seller would have to be highly motivated to sell at this price, and with

2016-12-21 Employment Law - time clocks:

I do not believe this would be a problem.  The person clocking in at the warehouse knows the is a bit extra to get to the time clock and needs to account for that.  Many companies such as ours check in

2016-12-16 Selling or Buying a Small - Business tag along:

Hi Chris    The majority shareholder in the company has the majority of voting rights, which essentially means that the decisions would ultimately come from you. If his main interest is getting paid his

2016-12-12 Selling or Buying a Small - Business tag along:

Hi Chris    Thanks for your question.     This sounds like an earn-out situation. There are a lot of variables that could influence whether a scenario like this makes sense or not. One of the major concerns

2016-11-13 Performance Management - human resource:

Poor performance in Asian organizations is due to multiple reasons. I would frame the answer in two phases: direct causes for poor performance and indirect causes for poor performance.  Direct causes:


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