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2016-10-20 Online Marketing - language-light and original videos:

Hashem,    Let me make sure I understand.    You want a search engine or search program that will allow you to find original content videos that you can use for marketing purposes that will not get you

2016-10-16 Online Marketing - What's their How To?:

Sterling,    My services are strictly in the area of helping businesses increase their market share and revenue through the use of intelligent digital and direct marketing.     In a nut shell, I don't

2016-10-14 Online Marketing - Social media:

Abeer,    Provided you have access to Google then that is where I would start.    There are also courses available on line - some free and some that charge you very little.    You should check out https://www

2016-10-10 Online Marketing - What's their How To?:

More than likely they have either an automated program for submitting your link and text or they have a number of people in a foreign country making pennies per link they add to their account.  MORE is

2016-09-17 Marketing - International Marketing of Towels & bathrobe business :

Welcome Zeeshan    You need to have personal contact in the beginning through trade shows and personal encounters, maybe cold calling will help. Also you need to define why you are better than the others


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