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2016-11-04 Online Marketing - Clarification.:

Hashem,    Would you mind sending me a link to some of the videos you already have up on you tube?    You could check the private box to keep it confidential.    I would like to see what you have produced

2016-10-23 Online Marketing - Youtube Copyright Infringement:

Hashem,    Now I understand.    From what I know it's usually the music in the video that alerts YouTube to copyright infringement.    You can purchase Background music for commercial videos and the investment

2016-10-20 Online Marketing - language-light and original videos:

Hashem,    Let me make sure I understand.    You want a search engine or search program that will allow you to find original content videos that you can use for marketing purposes that will not get you

2016-10-16 Online Marketing - What's their How To?:

Sterling,    My services are strictly in the area of helping businesses increase their market share and revenue through the use of intelligent digital and direct marketing.     In a nut shell, I don't


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