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2017-03-07 Online Marketing - LinkedIn:

David     Did you try going to LinkedIn with a different browser such as Firefox or internet explorer?    Not really my area of expertise but googling this issue it appears others have the same issue.

2017-02-28 Marketing Research - Question(s) on market research:

Sam, I don't have any books or manuals to recommend.  You can google "how to measure market size" or something like that and you'll get pretty good information.    When you have a market dominated by privately

2017-02-09 Online Marketing - How to verify if a site is legit:

There is no surefire method of telling whether or not a site is legitimate or not. But there are some ways that you can judge a site.    Does it have security? -- If it does it'll have an S after the http

2017-01-17 Business Communication - Sentence Structure:

Hello Yaakov,    Before working on sentence structure, think about your approach. Who are you trying to reach? To be successful, you have to connect with someone authorized to make a $73-million deal.


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