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2016-10-19 Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship - forgivenes:

Hello Bis,  Good to hear you are on the 7-day program. In answer to your questions - his coldness and lack of intimacy is something you can definitely overcome. In fact, it can be a very good sign!   The

2016-10-18 Marriage - texts, sigh:

Hi James-    It's really a woman thing. Honestly, she's most likely going to these great lengths for one simple reason. She is hurt, probably feels ignored, less of priority due to your promotion. If you've

2016-10-17 How to Strengthen Your Relationship - In Need of Counseling and Guidance:

Hi Gabriella;    Glad you wrote to me and are asking me advice. Your problem is doing too much in the relationship. We set things up according to our nature but then were not happy with the outcome. He

2016-10-17 Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship - forgivenes:

Hello Bis,  I'm glad you're finding the podcasts helpful. Yes you could show that episode to your spouse, although it sounds like you are dealing with several issues here and his response may not be the

2016-10-09 Adultery - Conflicted about my divorce and future:

Hi Andrew,    Sorry for the slow response. I was on vacation and didn't put a pause on my account.    It looks like you are focusing on the wrong thing. It's like you are standing still and looking at


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