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2017-03-20 Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship - Husband with a problem with wife's educational level:

Hi Anita-    It is my opinion that those who make fun of other ppl, college educated or high school, it doesn't matter, have an issue w themselves. Not the ppl they're talking about and trying to degrade

2017-03-10 Long Distance Relationships - Feeling CONFUSED:

ok, so there's no mistakes, just learning experiences; you got involved way too fast, sexually and emotionally--he didn't; this misfortune is totally commonplace, you wouldn't be the first, or the last

2017-03-06 How to Work Out Arguments - Mom involving me in divorse and other stress:

Hello Megan,    Sincere apologies for the late reply. You are an adult now with your own life and that means you have your own problems and issues to sort out. You cannot bear her burden. You can be a

2017-03-06 Long Distance Relationships - Long distance relationship:

i don't think you should go anywhere without an invitation; you can tell him of your idea, and hopefully he will agree; if he refuses to see you because of a fight, then he did you a favor, because then

2017-03-03 Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship - Sexual imbalance?:

Hi Steve-    I've never heard of such a thing. Meaning the anal bag or whatever it's called. I guess you learn something new everyday though. I can understand her resistance and even repulsion to something


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