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2017-01-10 How to Strengthen Your Relationship - Should I attempt to reconcile with my ex wife:

Dear Andy,    I have given your question some serious thought and here is my perspective.  First, since you've only been divorced about a month, it's too soon to discuss reconciliation, as that will only

2017-01-06 Adultery - i think this woman wants to have an affair with me:

Hello,    I don't know if you want to take things to this level, but you could file a sexual harassment suit. Your company appears to either not have a sexual harassment policy or is not enforcing it.

2017-01-05 Adultery - adultery in this age:

Well, many people don't think about safe sex, avoiding pregnancy, avoiding STDs or being faithful when they have the opportunity to experience pleasure through sex. They just do what makes them happy and

2017-01-04 Adultery - adultery in this age:

That's definitely a possibility! HIV is sexually transmitted. Unprotected sex with anyone of unknown HIV status -regardless of whether it's cheating or a one night stand- can lead to STDs.    Laura Giles

2016-12-30 Family Relations - Awful Father:

Hi, Austin, thanks for your question. Yes, it is a difficult place to be - when you have more enlightenment than your parents. Or, put it another way, when you can see that the emperor has no clothes,


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