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2017-02-21 How to Strengthen Your Relationship - Husband disconnected:

Hi Cayla.  This certainly sounds like a lot. I am sorry. From what you've shared, my hunch is he's either experiencing depression and or another type of medical issue. I would want to have him evaluated

2017-02-20 Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship - Major disconnect:

Hi Calya,  My first suggestion on what to try would be my 30-day Save Your Marriage Relationship Transformation program. You situation is exactly what the program is aimed at solving. Details are here:

2017-02-19 Family Relations - Re: Dealing with Mom:

Hi, Andrew, you asked "Do you feel that it's justified to never really expect rent, then take a home away if her finances aren't being met?"    This is not a psychological question, but I will offer you

2017-02-07 Adultery - Ex wife has moved on:

Dear David,    Divorce is an ending. All endings make space for new beginnings. What that new beginning is for you is up to you. Here are some choices:    * move on with someone else while maintaining

2017-01-30 How to Work Out Arguments - arguement style and men:

Hello Lys,    By any chance are you using words like 'forever' or 'always' when you point out a simple thing that he's ignored? If yes, just put those words at the back of your vocabulary. He knows he's


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