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2017-02-05 Self Defense - Are the mechanics of open-handed strikes the same as punches?:

The short answer is "No."    The longer answer starts with the mechanics of punching vary from punch to punch, style to style. While an open hand strike can be thrown in a manner that resembles many types

2017-01-31 Self Defense - Self Defense and Relationships:

First off, go watch Joseph Campbell the "Power of Myth."  One of the things I picked up in my study of storytelling is that 'stories convey cultural expectations and standards.'  Basically they tell us

2017-01-30 Kung Fu - kungfu and gung fu:

Hi.    There is no one Chinese language. Although China was 'unified' over the last few centuries and millennia, it is a bit like Europe with several different languages or in this case vastly different

2017-01-29 Self Defense - Question about Warfare and Individualist techniques (such as parrying and footwork):

Your super long drawn out and complex question can be covered by two points...    One: in the documentary "Making A Marine" a Drill Sergeant was interviewed about the bootcamp training of a Brazilian Jujitsu

2017-01-25 Self Defense - Self Defense and property Question:

In Texas, if it's night and the amount is over $150 ...yes.    Pretty much everywhere else no.    If you chase and attempt to retake possession of your property you're pogosticking on thin ice. Because


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