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2017-03-21 Self Defense - Knife use drills:

Look using a knife to kill is easy. The hardest part about self-defense is when you're legally allowed to us that amount of force, someone is in the middle of trying to kill you.    Focus more about keeping

2017-03-19 Self Defense - Knife use drills:

The answer isn't really about drills. It goes much, much deeper than that. It's about familiarity of the object in your hand.     The peoples who allegedly have the best blade systems are usually cultures

2017-03-19 Yoga & Tai Chi - Help:

You may take help of your sister and get treatment for that.    Regarding yoga you have to consult a yoga teacher in person.    Or you may contact me with more details through my site.

2017-03-18 Yoga & Tai Chi - Help:

Hello Aishwarya    Please do not generalise based on what you read on the net. You need to visit an ayurvedic doctor for proper analysis and treatment if required.    Otherwise meet an experienced yoga

2017-03-07 Self Defense - interviewing:

~sigh~     Shit is getting tense out there. Way too many people out there angry, way too many ready to snap.    You're asking a vague question that covers way too many possibilities. And because of that


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