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2016-12-03 Self Defense - What sword is closest to the machete in design, weight, and usage?:

The times I played with a falchon the same mechanics worked well. Also bolos.    Your statement about having a basis on how blades works, really only applies to blades weighted that way. One of the biggest

2016-12-03 Self Defense - What is the difference between thrusting and stabbing, and chopping,slashing,slicing, hacking, and cutting?:

Hacking and chopping are close. The difference is the weight of the blade. Both use the edge to sever and split with direct pressure. An ax chops, but it's the weight behind the edge that powers it through

2016-10-26 Self Defense - Are fat people a threat? (in your personal experience):

Oops that was a fragment that didn't get wipe away.    A big part of why I tell people about dancing is it's a great way to meet people you can have sex with. It's also very much about form, structure

2016-10-21 Self Defense - If humans do not like to kill, why then do they become addicted to it?:

It's a power trip. Some people get addicted to it. Some people don't. You're really asking about the nature of addiction    But let me ask you this.     How many people are addicted to combat. There are

2016-10-21 Self Defense - Are fat people a threat? (in your personal experience):

The answer is it depends.    Violence is always a combination of multiple factors.    One of which is how effective is the person at delivering force?    You said, and I quote  Or is all this just a result


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