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2016-09-25 Kung Fu - wondering:

Hi Michael,   Thank you for choosing all experts and me for your question.      I am not sure that I follow your question, it isn't quite clear or understandable.  But, I am going to deduce that what you

2016-09-19 Self Defense - Is revenge for an offense always wrong (especially killings to avenge an unforgivable sin such as rape)?:

Go read "The Righteous Mind" by Jonathan Haidt.  It will help you understand a lot of the elements you're asking about. He mentions the differences between indivdiualistic, socio-centric and divine cultures

2016-09-17 Self Defense - Multiple Opponents Question:

First off I don't watch video of other people's system or demonstrations and answer questions about what they're doing.    Second, multiple attackers is a desperate situation.  It's not something that

2016-09-17 Self Defense - What is fluidity in the martial arts?:

> I see people all the time use the word interchangeably with speed, agility, precision, and technique. Is it the same as those attributes?    Uhhh no.     Speed, agility, precision and a boatload of other

2016-09-10 Self Defense - Structural body arches in martial arts:

Ummmm yes, no, maybe, sometimes, it depends?    I've never quite heard it phrased that way. He flirts with a lot of known concepts but he doesn't really settle down with one system. Yet he's talking in


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