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2016-09-21 Reincarnation - Hallucination or Reincarnation?:

Hello,    Yes, we all have past lives. I do past life regression as therapy. I can tell you that it doesn't matter if what people experience is "real" or a hallucination. It's meaningful. It's healing

2016-09-19 Atheism - slavery:

Just a word of note: If you wish me to continue answering your questions I will expect you to give ratings for my answers as per the ratings choices. Is that understood?    I think an excellent book for

2016-09-18 Scientology - touch and let go:

On P. 97 of the book "The Problems of Work," Ron says:    "An individual could regain his ability over his immediate tools simply by touching them and letting them go.  This might seem rather pointless

2016-09-09 Scientology - the physics of immortality:

Sorry to take to long to get back to you on this.    All of the fake physics strikes me as crackpottery.    Scientology theory concerning successive lives would be totally independent of physics, because

2016-09-06 Atheism - changing morals - followup:

One of the problems that always creeps into a discussion of morality is the tendency to conflate terminology. You initially brought up morality and ethics. Invariably, however, the topic of law creeps


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