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2016-11-17 Scientology - god:

God is defined in Scientology as the author of the universe, the infinite, the prime mover unmoved.  God is conceived of as having been the original source of theta.  There is no Scientology dogma concerning

2016-11-12 Scientology - L Ron Hubbard's writings:

Ron's Scientology works are considered Scientology, and nothing else is or, per the rules of the religion, will be.  No additional developments are sought nor will they be accepted.  He did invite others

2016-11-07 Atheism - life:

Mohd:    Well, here's the thing. You talk about having a deity to rely on and supernatural help, but I don't accept that such things exist.  Even when I did believe in a deity, I never really saw any evidence

2016-11-04 Scientology - Importance:

Importance is the WEIGHT to give a subject.  How much does it MATTER?    Significance is the MEANING to assign a subject.  What does it MEAN?  In Scientology, we usually refer to significance vs mass.

2016-11-01 Atheism - changing morals followup2:

I think the problem you're having is that you're insisting that everything be black and white, when the reality is that very few things in life are.    Is theft immoral? Easy to say yes, it is, because


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