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2017-01-21 Hair Loss - Finasteride - ED:

I'm sure this I must be a disturbing phenomenon. It happens in a small percentage of men who take or don not take Propecia in equal numbers.  It is a coincidence and the doctor to see is an Urologist as

2017-01-17 Hair Loss - Alopecia areata update/remission:

STRESS. Is a major factor in flares of AA as well as psoriasis and can speed up male pattern baldness. The shampoo has not weakened your hair nor caused increase recession. I'd suggest you use your clobetasol

2017-01-16 Hair Loss - Alopecia areata update/remission:

As I wrote to you before AA is in predictable. Your best chance of suppressing this condition is to see the same dermatologist on a monthly to six week intervals for intralesional cortisone injections

2017-01-13 Lab Tests - question about point of care diagnostic tests:

Thank you.      This is a very involved question, and while I would be happy to answer these questions on a paid consulting basis, since expert advice on this site is strictly voluntary, in summary, the

2016-12-30 Hair Loss - Shampoos for scalp psoriasis:

The standard over the counter shampoos are salicylic acid shampoos such as T-Sal to soften and loosen the scales and tar shampoos such as T-Gel and any number of other more potent but more smelly tar shampoos


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