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2016-09-22 Hair Loss - RU58841:

I remember a similar RUXXXX?  compound from when it was being touted as a hair loss treatment lotion over 25 years ago yet the product never came to market. I do not know of what adverse side effects either

2016-09-21 Hair Loss - topical spironolactone:

I use an analog of spironolactone which is not available to you. Commonly used spironolactone lotions are 2% used twice or a 5% cream used at night. I do not use either of those and have no personal experience

2016-09-21 Hair Loss - topical spironolactone:

Yes, Spironolactone topically does block the androgen receptor sites. I have made up a prescript lotion for my patients. Your attempt at making a similar lotion should work to help halt the advance of

2016-09-19 How to Deal with Sex - How to move forward in a new relationship?:

Dear Sara; it sounds like you've not worked through your past trauma before starting a new relationship. This is often a bad and dangerous idea- since we must first be whole before we can be whole for

2016-09-15 Hair Loss - Bulbs - hair loss:

Even on finasteride your hairs will continue to have growth cycles with hairs transitioning from anagen to contagion and finally telogen only to start over again in the anagen phase. When the hairs get


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