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2016-10-13 Hair Loss - New Generics vs Propecia?:

In general,  the FDA is more lenient with the generics. There can be a 20% reduction in medication with the generics. We prescribe the 5mg   finasteride and have the patients get a pill splitter and have

2016-10-02 Hair Loss - Avodart efficacy for young people with extensive baldness genes:

Avodart works well to help prevent ongoing balding. Propecia-Finasteride 1mg was found to work in 85% of men but the Norwood 5+ individuals generally just have too many balding genes and even more DHT

2016-09-28 Hair Loss - Seasonal Shedding Phenomenon:

I have not read that article and it contradicts previous studies which showed humans do not have seasonal shedding unless it is due to a few individuals who may have severe seasonal allergies and the stress

2016-09-28 Hair Loss - Whey protein and hair loss:

There have bee reports of whey protein in the form of protein shakes causing an increase in acne which was attributed to increased testosterone. If whey protein supplements increase testosterone then there

2016-09-23 Hair Loss - Are some people more sensitive to TE?:

Yes, a person can definitely have a propensity towards telogen effluvium. Another person could experience the exact same set of circumstances as you but never lose a single strand of hair because of it


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