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2017-02-16 Hair Loss - Hair loss:

At 12 months I would expect 99% of the hairs which are going to grow to now be visible. Perhaps your expectations are too great. I do not know how many grafts were put in and do not know how much baldness

2017-02-14 Lab Tests - Urine pH:

Urinary pH may be temporarily increased by exercise due to the effect of the increased rate of conversion from pyruvate to lactic acid as a result of muscular exertion as the body attempts to maintain

2017-02-06 Hair Loss - Teenage hair loss - Please help:

Hello Aki: Telogen effluvium is the most common type of hair loss that causes excessive shedding. With telogen effluvium the shedding mostly occurs in a diffuse manner-fairly evenly throughout the scalp

2017-02-05 Hair Loss - Teenage hair loss - Please help:

Hello Aki: Is your part widened just at the center or does it look the same if you part elsewhere on the scalp? Are you losing hair all over your scalp or only in certain areas? How long has the excess

2017-02-04 Hair Loss - Meloxicam, blood tests, vitamins:

I have never seen hair loss due to Mobic nor to its related anti inflammatory medications.    Unfortunately biotin, tocotrienols, and lysine will not help. I know they are frequently prescribed but there


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