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2016-09-28 Military History - WW2 Military Police Battalion:

Hi,  Unfortunately I do not have more but here where can try.  U.S. Army Military Police Corps Regimental Museum    Center For Military History

2016-09-26 Military History - Fathers army unit during WW 2:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  Your father was assigned [assigned] to the 1st Battalion, 68th Coast Artillery Regiment until June 4, 1944, when the 1st Battalion, 68th Coast Artillery

2016-09-15 Military History - WWI Fighter Pilots:

Sorry, but I don't have any info on this.     Have you tried contacting the American Aviators of World War I folks? The website is      Also, you may

2016-09-11 Military History - Uniform post ww2:

Hi again,  First I really do feel for you and wish could do more.    How did get 1948 as the year?  To me me short jacket doesn't look like wide collar USAF had after the separate branch of service in

2016-09-11 Military History - South Picific ww 2:

Are you referring to the 25th MP Company or the 1125th? I couldn't find anything on the 1125th.     It looks like the 25th was part of the 25th Infantry Division. I have no special knowledge about them


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