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2017-02-21 Military History - bronze star uncle received:

Good Day,          Thank you for your question.  On it you typed "My uncle received a bronze star."  I assume (something I am loathed to do) that you refer to a Bronze Star Medal for Valor.  What Primary

2017-02-16 Military History - Enquiry:

I will try to find out everything possible about him but it may Take some time!          You can also reach me at:  There

2017-02-16 Military History - Enquiry:

I used to help with these questions when I could rely on the help of my good friend lt. col. S. Bojerud who was an expert of uniforms, medals etc. I myself am hardly an expert of these particular things

2017-02-08 Military History - History of the 128th AAA Gun Bn Mobile:

Dear Sir,          I acknowledge your follow-up.  In it you typed "Can you tell me how long is the book and what it entails?"  First, a bit of background.  The unit history came out in 1974, when I was

2017-02-04 Military History - Uncle's Service Record:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "Looking at his discharge, he served in Troop D 23rd Calvary [sic] Reconnaissance Squad."  You are correct, the unit typed in Box #6 on


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