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2017-04-21 Military History - my fathers company history as mp:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "I ran across my fathers discharge card".  EXCELLENT!  It is always best to begin historic research with the FACTS.          In your question

2017-04-20 Military History - What Unit was my Grandfather in.:

Your grandfather's personnel records are housed at the National Archives Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. If he is alive, he can file a request on line at the URL below. If he is deceased

2017-04-18 Military History - WW2 IG staff officers breeches:

Hello Alan,    The Lampasse (trouser breeches stripes) of General Staff Officers (GSO Heer) wore a Single (1) Stripe that was Carmine in color up to the rank of Colonel.    General Officers (Heer)

2017-04-11 Military History - Technology changes that helped close in on the enemy during WWII:

Greetings  For the US Army the tactics for closing with the enemy was called Fire and maneuver.  Using machine guns to keep your enemy down or massed fire from semiautomatic weapons would keep an enemy

2017-04-10 Military History - discharge reason us army:

Do you have his DD-214, the official discharge document? It might give you a clue. Here's a website that explains it:      As for why he joined the Army, it could be one of many, many


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