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2017-01-29 Model Railroads - N scale car length/weight:

Hi Tim,    So sorry for the tardy reply, But sometimes our shared hobby has to take a backseat to health problems, i.e. hospitalization.    In any case, since N scale is 160th the size of the prototype

2017-01-13 Model Railroads - Getting started/ trucks,wheels:

Hi Rick,    I want to welcome you to our hobby in a most positive way but your question is not so simply addressed as you'll see in the next paragraph. Simply put, wheels can be changed if a number of

2017-01-09 Model Railroads - noisy motor:

Although I have only limited knowledge about motor noise, its causes and cures, I have a few ideas which may help you.    Sometimes noise that comes from a new locomotive may eventually abate, especially


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