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2017-02-07 Counseling - Help:

Hi Aspara,    You just haven't connected with the right people or programs to help you. Dyslexia just means your brain works differently than the majority. So things have to be presented to you in a different

2017-02-07 Adultery - Ex wife has moved on:

Dear David,    Divorce is an ending. All endings make space for new beginnings. What that new beginning is for you is up to you. Here are some choices:    * move on with someone else while maintaining

2017-02-05 Divorce Issues - Ex wife has started dating and introduced kids.:

Dear Andrew,    I am not an attorney and I'm really not very informed of international law regarding divorce.  If the home is co-owned, I'm just not sure where your rights stand as far as who comes and

2017-01-31 Counseling - Help:

Hello again Aishwarya,  Hmm. So I completely misunderstood your question, it seems. You have trouble waking up and feeling refreshed.  Here are a couple of suggestions - get to sleep really early, like

2017-01-30 Funerals - funeral:

Hi Jimmy,    Sorry for the delay in answering - I'm on a cemetery tour and not easily on the internet.     I imagine this question has been answered already, as any crematory or funeral director could


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