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2017-03-06 Motorcycle Repair - 63 CA77 Rear wheel bearings:

Chris, getting bearings out of the hubs is a little bit tricky and you may or may not damage them in the process....     see..

2017-03-05 Motorcycle Repair - 2nd gear CB77:

Colin, your bike is one of the last ones built...  56432 was the end model made.     When these transmissions fail to stay in gear, it usually due to insufficient gear dog engagement overlap.    The problem

2017-02-20 Motorcycle Repair - Noise in engine:

Hello Mike,    At this mileage, it could be either one or both the problems I mentioned.    If the noise fades out as the revs rise, and comes back as they fall, most probably it's the camshaft train.

2017-02-20 Motorcycle Repair - Noise in engine:

Hello Mike,    The mileage of the bike would help me a great deal, but anyway...    First of all, check if the noise changes when you pull the clutch.  If it does, the clutch hub and/or clutch discs have

2017-02-19 Motorcycle Repair - 2016 road glide won't start after storage:

Since it turns over and you have spark then you probably have a fuel problem. You need to check to see if the fuel pump is pressurizing the system. Without the pump running or no pressure the bike will


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