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2016-11-08 Motorcycle Repair - horn:

Shawn, the horn circuit is hot when the switch is ON, as you have noticed.     The power goes from battery to switch to horn circuit wire, through the horn and then the horn button completes the circuit

2016-10-27 Motorcycle Repair - CL and CB Vin / Year:

Randy.....  here are my notes on your questions about serial numbers and dates...    250 Scrambler: Frame #CL72-1000299          Engine #CL72E-1000302          Wiring harness date code 1964  This bike

2016-10-25 Motorcycle Repair - Honda 1982 xl500R:

Bryan, You DID seize the engine momentarily. When the engine overheats, the piston gets too big for the bore and grabs the cylinder walls. Aluminum is transferred to the cylinders, the piston is gouged

2016-10-20 Motorcycle Repair - CB77 kick start shaft repair:

Martin,     Certainly these have been a problem over the years and I have to dig through a batch of used transmissions in order to find a good one, at times. The good news is that the kickstarter shaft

2016-10-16 Motorcycle Repair - 305 honda dream:

I just re-lapped my valves so to insure they seated perfectly.  I had new rings installed in my 1983 XV750MK.  The jugs were worn out. So I purchased jugs, and pistons from  a low mileage bike and had


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