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2016-10-20 Motorcycle Repair - CB77 kick start shaft repair:

Martin,     Certainly these have been a problem over the years and I have to dig through a batch of used transmissions in order to find a good one, at times. The good news is that the kickstarter shaft

2016-10-16 Motorcycle Repair - 305 honda dream:

I just re-lapped my valves so to insure they seated perfectly.  I had new rings installed in my 1983 XV750MK.  The jugs were worn out. So I purchased jugs, and pistons from  a low mileage bike and had

2016-10-16 Motorcycle Repair - 305 honda dream:

James, your bike is 22,529 into the 1965-67 production run. They sold something like 35,000 CA77s from 1965-70, but production ceased in 1967. That puts your bike in the 1966-ish year range. If you have

2016-10-15 Motorcycle Repair - 305 honda dream:

The clutch springs are preset with tension. The bolts just hold them down in place. You can't change the tension on the springs using the bolts, as the washers hit the stops on the clutch inner bolt risers

2016-10-12 Motorcycle Repair - 66 honda dream:

The kickstarter shaft is part of the whole transmission assembly. Apparently the clutch is slipping enough to allow the transmission to move the bike forward without turning the crankshaft. Even when the


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