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2017-02-19 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Gulbransen M-5 Organ:

Hello Jerry,  The goal here is to determine whether the sound you are hearing is musical, ie., from a ciphering oscillator, or an oscillation caused from something awry elsewhere in the circuitry.  When

2017-02-16 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - Melody Writing and Modulation:

Hello Rebekah,    My immediate reaction on reading your question is to recommend you think in terms of 16 bars rather than 12 as you'll find it easier - the ear likes symmetry and it's easier to think

2017-02-14 Saxophone - practising:

Anders - this is one of the BEST questions I've gotten in all my time here at AllExperts! Here's my best advice:    I am a BIG believer in what I call "paper practice".  That is any work you do "consciously"

2017-02-12 Antique Musical Instruments - Bass clarinet:

Hello and thank you for choosing ModernFlute as your expert today! We've reviewed the photos and tried a quick google search (no use). Based on the photos and light-depth of the logo's engraving, it's

2017-02-09 Violin - Identify "NE" violin:

Hi Arthur    With the limited supplied information I can't help. I find no violin makers with the initials of NE that are known for using an inlay with their initials. The one pictured on the button is


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