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2016-09-24 Violin - Is it worth the repair? - Maggini Copy:

I can't say for sure about the varnish but it doesn't look original. Some concerns. The seam in the back is dark in a section, this could mean it is or was open, meaning it could need attention. I would

2016-09-24 Violin - Is it worth the repair? - Maggini Copy:

Hi Julia    Without seeing the instrument as a whole, it is difficult to say, since I can't judge the instruments quality overall. I tried to look up the sale, but the quality of the pictures doesn't help

2016-09-16 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Trowbridge Piano Co. identification:

The most I can find about Trowbridge Pianos is that the company was founded in 1888 in Franklin, MA and that they had better quality pianos.  I saw an earlier allexperts posting that said that s Trowbridge

2016-09-14 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Irving Chicago piano:

Hi Travis:    The piano was made around 1909.    I assume this is an upright????    We do NOT restore 1909 uprights, or grands of this manufacture for that matter!    For every dollar you put in you will

2016-09-12 Violin - American made violin:

Hi John    I did see one that was made in the late 1920's. It was very yellow and certainly showed the signs of a self taught maker or one that hadn't any formal training. In looking for some info in my


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