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2016-12-10 Saxophone - Unable to identify saxaphone:

Hello Traci,   You have a Buescher Aristocrat saxophone.  The numbers are the serial numbers. I will provide you with the date of manufacture.  The Aristocrat was introduced with serial number 264,025

2016-12-07 Antique Musical Instruments - Old Silver Clarinet:

Clarinets are considered woodwinds, even when they are made with metal.      Metal clarinets were a fad that was popular for only a short period of time.  Most were cheaply made and not thought well of

2016-12-05 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - Burgmüller:

Hello Anders,    We're talking about Op 100 No 15.  Here's the score     As you'd expect, the melody (in the left hand) includes

2016-12-05 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Info request:

Hi Sherry:    You Bell piano was made in 1901.    By now, most of the instrument value is all but gone. In great shape they fetch somewhere around 50-150.00 USD.    With regard to furniture value...that

2016-12-05 Flute - piccolo headjoint size:

Hello again Vivian!    You have a couple options if the head will go on easily, but is just too loose.  If this is the case, the cheapest, easiest option is to simply get some teflon tape from any hardware


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