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2017-03-25 Trumpet - Solbron Trumpet inquiry:

Exact identification is difficult unless you can find a Boosey catalog.    Boosey merged with Hawkes in 1930, so it was made before that. The style is post-war, so let's say it was made in the late 1920

2017-03-23 Violin - Violin info request:

Hi Angela,    Thanks for your question.  I'm not familiar with the brand.  But, a quick search on Google shows a few examples of Karl Hauser branded violins which are clearly beginner factory instruments

2017-03-18 Violin - unknown maker:

Hi Christopher  Sorry for the delay, I was out of touch for the day.    The label is Lars P Grinager, sometimes spelled Grinacher.     As per William Henley - He worked in Brandbo Norway circa 1880-1892

2017-03-17 Violin - Violin:

Hi Jason    I don't know any shops personally but there is a violin shop in Edmonton called called:    P. J. Tan Violins  3346 Parsons Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1B5, Canada  +1 780-438-4310

2017-03-17 Violin - violin:

Hi Fay    I  can't tell you much given the lack of supplied information.  Lewis and Son and Norlin were subsidiaries of CMI, Chicago Musical Instruments. They imported student grade instruments from Germany


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