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2016-10-24 Violin - Civil War Violin:

Hi Sara    Your violin is not unusual,  many thousands of these "lions head trade violins" were made in Bavaria in the mid to late 1800's. The eagle and stars were added later. I can't  assign any civil

2016-10-20 Violin - John Juzek "special " violin:

Hi Christopher    In all my years in dealing in violins I have never run across a Juzek with the word "Special" written on the label. I have to add that the Juzek company was one of the least consistent

2016-10-16 Saxophone - 1929 alto:

Hello Susan,   This sax is beautiful! It has a silver-plate finish with gold accents. I would say this sax is a closet classic,in mint condition. The total worth is much higher than if it was a total beater

2016-10-14 Violin - History of Violin:

Hi Marsha    These instruments were most likely made in a Mirecourt France factory and imported by Lyon and Healy (hence the stylized L&H along the labels border) of Chicago between 1870-1930. As yours

2016-10-13 Violin - Carlo Bersonzi violin ?:

Hi Ruben    Yes please do. As AE only allows two, please feel free to send them to me directly at I would appreciate close-up pics of the top, back, bass side of the neck/scroll


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