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2016-09-14 Microsoft Internet Explorer - windows 10 update, now can't load exe files:

Hi Sara,    I apologise for taking so much time to reply back to you.    Regarding your issue, please download and Run Microsoft troubleshooter from the below link.

2016-08-31 Internet for Beginners - Windows 10 update. Where did they go?:

The Edge Browser that comes with Win 10 is different from previous versions of IE. The File, Edit and View options don't exist. Favorites are there in the Star and Tools can be access thru the menu icon

2016-08-19 Searching the Internet - Finding a video posted to internet over 10 years ago:

Otis, you don't provide any details, but if the video is still on the Internet, then it should be available with or without money.  You'll have to give some info on where you saw it, what it was about

2016-08-17 Searching the Internet - how do i browse the internet:

Howdy, Raphael. That's a great question and you are not alone with this "frustration" of knowing how to use the right words and tools in a query.  I could type a lot of advice based on experience, but

2016-07-05 Internet for Beginners - Links:

I'd actually already answered but apparently you didn't get the message.     I'm at the dentist now so it's hard to recompose on my phone, but you can google video sharing services or instead file sharing


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