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2017-01-20 Searching the Internet - bookmarks:

Howdy, Glenn.  I don't use Chrome a lot and only have a few items in the bookmark toolbar, so hope you get use out of this:  If that doesn't help,

2016-12-17 Microsoft Internet Explorer - IE is deleting history on its own?:

Hi Jenny,    Regarding your query, please note that Internet Explorer cannot be installed on Android phone. It me be a preinstalled browser of the phone or the one downloaded from the Andriod playstore

2016-12-10 Internet for Beginners - new laptop beginner:

Howdy, Glenn.  I'll be 72 later this month and have been involved one way or another with computers since the first home ones appeared on the market.  So, consider myself pretty well versed in life, computers

2016-12-01 Microsoft Internet Explorer - WD EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE:

Hi Kenny,    In order to assist you, please provide me the following error message.     1. Model details of the Western Digital drive you are using    2. Are you using windows xp 32 bit of 64 bit?    3

2016-11-18 Microsoft Internet Explorer - default language fonts:

Hi Sara,    I apologize for taking so much time to reply back to you. Regarding your issue, if you dont like the default font on your windows 10 computer, please follow the following steps to change it:


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