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2016-09-21 Reincarnation - Hallucination or Reincarnation?:

Hello,    Yes, we all have past lives. I do past life regression as therapy. I can tell you that it doesn't matter if what people experience is "real" or a hallucination. It's meaningful. It's healing

2016-09-01 Reincarnation - questions:

People get stuck because they don't successfully cross over. This could be because their loved ones won't let them go (grief). It could be because of fear of dying/Hell. It could be because they died traumatically

2016-09-01 Reincarnation - questions:

Hi Jan,    It's good you are asking these questions.    Yes, I've had many past lives. So have you. So has everyone. I am a past life therapist. I see this every day.    Modern American culture doesn't

2016-08-19 Meditation - Aloneness:

Hi, James.    The issue of feeling alone is an important one, isn't it? And when you say "feel as accompanied as if everyone was here" I think you must have experienced this at some times or you wouldn't

2016-08-18 Meditation - Meditation:

James, Thank you for your question.    Most people practice meditation using methods that do not work. This is why for most people meditation seems difficult, full of obstacles.    You practiced innocently


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