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2017-03-25 Nonprofit Law - Booster Club's 503 (c) (3) concerns:

When parents, instead of a 501(c)(3) organization are engaged in a sales business, that activity is taxable just like any ordinary sales business even though the profits might be going to pay for their

2017-03-22 Nonprofit Law - volunteering:

That is not, under tax law, considered volunteering. What the team's policy is better understood by looking that you are getting benefits for work. That is the definition of taxable employment income.

2017-03-17 Nonprofit Law - Establishing 501c3:

You can hire me. I am in Los Angeles now and do federal work (like for IRS exempt organizations). I do not give details for paid work on this free forum.  If you want to hire me, send me an email directly

2017-03-08 Nonprofit Law - 508c1a verses 501c3:

Yes. If a church incorporates in one of the United States (and you wrote from Georgia in the United States), then it has made a legally enforceable arrangement with the State. That answers your specific

2017-03-07 Nonprofit Law - Non profit softball team:

1. The contract has at #4, "I cannot refund fundraising money as it is against the law". It is not against the law.  It is not that there is any law stating that such an act may be done.  Here in the United


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