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2016-09-14 Nonprofit Law - Gross Receipt Calculation:

By using the phrase "contribution towards" it appears that the donation is made in cash (or check). Even though the donor may have earmarked the use of the funds, the donation is considered a cash donation

2016-09-09 Nonprofit Law - PTO donation to a student?:

Generally, a 501(c)(3) organization may give grants to or for the benefit of individuals who are what the IRS calls charitable beneficiaries.  Low-income students are in the class of charitable beneficiaries

2016-09-06 Nonprofit Law - Proxy voting for non-profit organizations:

I will assume that your organization has not been established under the New York religious corporation law nor does it provide for religious activities of worship for groups of people (and, thereby treated

2016-09-04 Nonprofit Law - 509(a)(2):

A 509(a)(2), is not a private foundation.  A private foundation completes the Form 990-PF, whereas the 501(c)(3) organizations that are not private foundations, but are public charities, complete the Form

2016-09-04 Nonprofit Law - 509(a)(2):

You can put in the name and state in the IRS site at and you will see, if, as highlighted in the search they "Are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions".  If


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