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2016-11-29 Careers: Nursing - uk - us education process:

Hi Claire,    I took a look at the California State Board of Nursing website and searched the terms "international nurse". The information I read does not stipulate 2 years from what I can see. It does

2016-11-25 Careers: Nursing - uk - us education process:

Hello,    I am happy to answer your questions for you.    Firstly, yes - sometimes it is quicker to obtain your first license in another state. This is exactly what I did when I came to the US. Once you

2016-11-22 Careers: Nursing - Return to nursing:

Hi Bree,    Thank you for sending this question my way. I will be happy to answer, though I do preface my response with the caution that I can only provide my own thoughts as a hiring manager; which may


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