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2016-10-21 Working more efficiently - sleep weather and mindset:

Hello Nizami    Thank you very much for your question    You need an intervention of a coach to organize better your life.    I am a Coach!    I first recommend to visit a Medical Doctor for a physical

2016-10-15 Financing -- Loans - Why is it better to pay off a mortgage in 30 years:

Good question...    Answer is dependent on what you believe, that is, what does the future look like?    I believe higher interest rates are in the offing.  So, low current mortgage rate, but higher mortgage

2016-10-13 International Business - International Trade Strategy Advisor:

Hi Amir,    Thank you for your question. The trade and operational strategy for free trade zones vary across countries. The workable model for each country depends on the goals and objectives as well as

2016-10-13 International Business - International Trade Strategy Advisor: is id you can contact   2nd Iran to Dubai and gold, sulphur, food items, minerals export or what orders you have from buyer l/c's you have or cash capability some 50,000 or 100,000$

2016-10-05 E-Commerce, Web Businesses - Phone records:

If you can give your bank the time that you called, they can search their voice records. Both VISA and the bank record their calls.    If the bank continues to refuse to refund the fraudulent charges,


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