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2017-02-11 Starting a Small Business - Am I on Right track:

From what I can understand from your question which seems to be one long sentence, is that you wish to open a shop but am not sure what to sell.  Going door to door is a long winded way of doing things

2017-02-08 Managing a Business - Postage machines:

Art I have no background on mailing alternatives but I think you have the right idea search each company and compare rates and look for the best deal the one thing I do know is they all will get the job

2017-02-03 Accounting, Payroll & Pension Issues - sole-proprietorship income/draw:

I suggest you do bookkeeping as though the sole proprietorship were separate from any other personal income or expenses.    If a loan is personal, that should not be included in the business income or

2017-02-01 Starting a Small Business - Small Business Checking Account?:

Both banks have their satisfied customers and both have dissatisfied customers. While reviews are important, a business working with one branch or one banker within those large banks may have a very different

2017-01-31 Home Business - Academic Books:

Richard,    Promoting your online bookstore can happen both online and offline. Depending on your price points, it may be a smart idea to purchase "pay-per-click" ads from google to show up when people


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