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2017-03-28 Advertising - Ad vs Media:

A media agency is not a “creative” agency per se—meaning, where ads are created, but instead where media planners and buyers use their ‘creativity’ to plan and buy the best places for ads and commercials

2017-03-26 Financing -- Loans - Bad company Carfinco:

I would recommend getting an attorney and finding out if the bankruptcy laws can be used in your favor.    Perhaps, not even filing bankruptcy, but having your attorney threaten the possibility of    

2017-03-26 Financing -- Loans - Bad company Carfinco:

Dear Elizabeth,    I am very sorry you are experiencing such difficulties with   this  company.  In my own experience, I have had more complaints   about this company, Carfinko, than any other company

2017-03-19 Dealing with Employees - Moslems want hallal meat at social events?:

Dear Bud:    Thank you for your question.  Have you heard the expression "Giv'em an inch, and they'll take a mile."  That's what you are dealing with in this situation.  Really doesn't matter what select

2017-03-19 Auditing - Cash From Trust:

Lisa,  You are probably over thinking this. Unless you make lots (20-100) transactions over $10k you will not be noticed. I would file your taxes as you usually do, the IRS will notify you if they have


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