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2017-04-24 Dealing with Employees - Should you use your rival as an example in the interview?:

Dear Kevin,    You have good instincts, trust them. It's never a good idea to use a rival for a new job as an example in the interview, unless you're going to compliment them. Talk in generalities when

2017-04-17 International Business - online business:

Online Business is your “unique dot com” page    The product, style, warranties, terms, services, rates, quality, return policy, non return policy, what are terms if you can offer accordingly then online

2017-04-07 Advertising - Ad vs Media:

There are positions that fit what you are looking for. 1./ Account person: being able to assemble the assorted modes of Social Media and the digital media world and creating the argument for their use

2017-04-02 Starting a Small Business - business start-up:

It would have helped to know what kind of services or goods that you want to offer.  Have you thought of the likes of fivver, upwork, etsy and amazon marketplace?    First find out if people actually want

2017-03-28 Advertising - Ad vs Media:

A media agency is not a “creative” agency per se—meaning, where ads are created, but instead where media planners and buyers use their ‘creativity’ to plan and buy the best places for ads and commercials


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