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2016-09-19 Starting a Small Business - taking dealership in automobile spare parts reg:

Well you seem to have started well in that you have companies that want your future services.  Check that there are enough of them and what they want you to supply them with.  Once you think that you have

2016-09-17 Marketing - International Marketing of Towels & bathrobe business :

Welcome Zeeshan    You need to have personal contact in the beginning through trade shows and personal encounters, maybe cold calling will help. Also you need to define why you are better than the others

2016-09-16 International Business - Import:

Dear Claude  there is a reason for the market to have wholesalers in various supply chains. wholesaler can play big volumes so they have more power to negotiate with the suppliers and more efficient logistic

2016-08-22 Accounting, Payroll & Pension Issues - Ref: question:

First, this forum is a place for bookkeeopng and accounting questiions as oipposed toi tax questioins like this.    Having said that, generally the income from a commonly owned piece of property is split

2016-08-14 How to Deal With Relationships - What do you do with this email by your staff?:

Hi Liam,    Since you didn't include his email reply to your refusal, I don't have all the information necessary to give you a proper response.  If you are able to send me his email reply to you, please


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