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2016-11-17 Food Safety Issues - Store freezer problem:

I don't think there is an issue with the safety of your purchase. It would take a long time for the product to thaw out even if the door was partially open. The freezer compressor would keep turning itself

2016-11-17 Food Safety Issues - Store freezer problem:

I don't think you have anything to worry about. The turkey breasts had not thawed out so they are safe to eat. There really isn't an issue here with the safety of the turkey breasts. Good question though

2016-11-11 Special Diets - Dietary Changes and tomato Cravings:

Hi Sarah,    I think you may be asking the wrong expert, because a) I am unfamiliar with the in-depth specifics/results of the Kempner diet (which is quite an old-fashioned one) and b) I specialise in

2016-11-09 Food Safety Issues - Using expired milk in recipes:

It will be safe to eat if it was kept under refrigeration after the custard is cooked. The cooking process is the controlling point. It should be consumed within 7 days after cooking since spoilage organisms

2016-11-06 Raw Foods - cooked meat responsible for intelligence?:

Hi Parvez,    I'm not really an expert on this theory but I do know a little. With the ice age man was forced to eat meat due to a lack of vegetation. And cooked meat was a lot easier to eat and digest


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