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2016-09-18 Food Safety Issues - Pasteurization:

Pasteurization lowers the risk of contamination by bacteria associated with food poisoning. It is essential when you are talking about high risk items like milk. Consuming raw milk, milk that has not been

2016-09-18 Special Diets - Dehydrating Ground Beef:

Hi,    Well I already answered some of this on rawpaleoforum in my other guise as TylerDurden. Heating at 104 degrees Fahrenheit/40 degrees Celsius would be better. Long-term RVAFers are happy to eat raw

2016-08-29 Nutrition & Dieting - Zinc serum Value 234:

In many cases high zinc levels can be attributed to your current diet, but there are others where they can signify a problem  such as hypocupremia. This may be something you should talk to your doctor

2016-08-10 Nutrition & Dieting - Losing too much weight:

In general most people will  lose between 6 and 10 pounds during their first two weeks of dieting. This of course is mostly  water weight . The recommended amount of weight to lose per week is no more

2016-08-10 Nutrition & Dieting - Weight Loss:

Exercise is great , but it needs to be combined with proper nutrition in order to be effective. Also sleep and reduced stress has a part in weight lose. If you combine all these things together in the


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