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2016-09-15 Presley, Elvis - 1977 Freedom Hall concert:

Hi Greg,    The date was May 21st at 8:30 PM. Here is the song list for the show. Also, there is a bootleg recording of the show called "All Right In Louisville"    Date: 21 May 1977     Time: 8.30pm

2016-09-15 Presley, Elvis - Elvis Presley asthma:

Emily,     Asthma doesn't "wait" to show its symptoms.  If you're asthmatic, then the condition will rear its ugly head.  Elvis apparently suffered from breathing issues his entire life and once had to

2016-09-08 Oldies - Seeking song title and artists:

Hi, Richie.  I'm pretty sure you are looking for "My Love For You" by the Marcels, 1961.  It was the flip side of one their big hits, "Heartaches."      ...My love for you is a burning fire, that grows

2016-09-08 Oldies - Desperate for song title and/or artist:

Hi Richie  The line "cry-yi-yi over you" is in the song "Singing The Blue" by Guy Mitchell. However, that is not a doo wop song and the other lyric you listed is not in there.  If you can tell me a little

2016-08-12 Manilow, Barry - curiousity:

Legally, no.   For one, Barry is an emancipated adult, and as such has a say on whom his family is.  For two, he's 73 years old. I'm not sure he's of adoptable age.     You may not be able to adopt him


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