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2017-01-04 Orthopedics - shoulder injury:

Hi Leah,    It is quite possible that you have underlying neck involvement that may include nerve root compression in the neck area. It is very common in these injuries and require further diagnostics

2017-01-02 Orthopedics - Rotator cuff:

Hi Amy,    The safe prudent thing to do is obvious but I see no real issue as long as you have help and your job is restricted to giving advice, teaching and supervision. Be aware that physical contact

2017-01-01 Orthopedics - fractured sternum:

Hi Maria,    Sorry to hear about your injury. The good news is most of these injuries have good blood supply and heal up nicely but any sternocostal junction trauma can take 6 months to a year too heal

2016-12-25 Orthopedics - Numb Hand while reading:

You most likely have ulnar neuritis.. it usually is made worse with bending elbows and bending wrist or holding your arms in the position you described and it usually resolves if you straighten out your


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