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Panic/Anxiety Disorders

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2016-12-03 Panic Disorders/Attacks - Bipolar disorder, anxiety or depression:

Hi,  First of all, I am not a medical expert so I cannot comment on any medication or suspected medical condition you may have.  However, I would say to you that you have to believe experts if they say

2016-12-01 Panic Disorders/Attacks - RELAX 2:

Hi,    Don't get confused between the words healthy and normal.  We all worry in our own way and that is part of our natural mechanism.  It only becomes unhealthy when we do it to an extent where it causes

2016-11-27 Panic Disorders/Attacks - RELAX:

Worry is a natural result of being concerned about the outcome of whatever situation we are in. It's natures way of preparing you for failure, but it should not be something that affects you to the point

2016-11-26 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - obsessiveness?:

Hi, Sam, thanks for your questions. There are no easy and simple answers, but here are some initial thoughts. I recommend that you go to therapy for full and complete answers to 'life questions' such as

2016-11-25 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Mass insanity:

yea, well it is extremely unlikely that mental illness could be passed from one person to another. However, beliefs can be, and faulty beliefs are a part of mental illness generally. e.g., the recent wave


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