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Panic/Anxiety Disorders

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2016-12-14 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - getting angry a lot:

Hi Robert    It might help to know that many people who react like you, without realizing it self-explain other people's behavior in a bad light.  If you knew a driver sped past while rushing a sick baby

2016-12-14 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Communicating with Selfish People:

People can't or won't change Jim -- any more than one of us could get the other to eat a plate of worms.  We are very much ruled by habit.     Second, unless he has the insight to ask his older and wiser

2016-12-09 Panic Disorders/Attacks - coping with panic attacks at work:

You need to learn to manage panic attacks wherever they occur, work, home, street, shops, anywhere. Its usual if you have a panic attack at a particular place for you to be scared to go back there in case

2016-12-07 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - How do diagnoses work?:

Hi, Peter, thanks for your questions. You asked:    "How do psychological diagnoses actually work?"  ---- it's a simple categorization, similar to how scientists first began classifying plants and animals

2016-12-03 Panic Disorders/Attacks - Bipolar disorder, anxiety or depression:

Hi,  First of all, I am not a medical expert so I cannot comment on any medication or suspected medical condition you may have.  However, I would say to you that you have to believe experts if they say


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