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Panic/Anxiety Disorders

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2016-09-22 Phobias - FasterEFT ? Be very careful!:

Mariah, thank you for the kind comments of support and endorsement. I did originally train with Roger Callahan, then Gary Craig over the past 25+ years, so am an "old school" kind of EFT practitioner.

2016-09-16 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Anti social:

Hi, thanks for your questions. You asked,    Surely people can fit these qualifications and not be a sociopath, or am I wrong?  ---- the problem with laypeople trying to use diagnostic criteria is that

2016-09-11 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Beauty:

Hi, James, I don't know of any websites where there are "experts" on beauty. I do know that there is some psychological research in the area. My understanding of the research is that people mostly agree

2016-09-04 Anxiety Disorders - Anxiety:

Hi mahmoud,    I'm not a medical doctor so I can't help you in that area. What I would suggest is that you write about when this all started and what you were doing at the time. What did you experience?

2016-08-28 Phobias - Debilitating phobia of thunderstorms:

Alison, Most anxiety problems including phobias are due to unresolved traumatic memories, either experienced in real time or even when witnessed second hand, as in a television program or other news source


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