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2017-01-21 UFOs/Aliens - Ashtar Command:

Hi, Michael Langley. Thank you for your questions.     None of the alien people who my husband and I have personal contact with have ever introduced themselves as either "Ashtar Command" or as "known as

2017-01-20 Psychics - Way forward:

Dear Brian I am sorry to hear about your misfortune although I dont believe that all these are related to each other and they can be rooted in many different reason like wrong neighborhood maybe not a

2017-01-20 Psychics - Friendship:

Dear Adriana  I was a bit puzzled why two adults who likes each other do not do any efforts to live together or closer so they can experience sharing their emotions with each other however numerology suggests

2017-01-19 Psychics - Help me with my life path:

Dear Monica  we are neighbours. I live here too. I understand you are not sure weather or not to work with Dan and I will be happy to help I need his last name or his birth date to see how the two of you

2017-01-19 Psychics - Tarot reading Saundra:

Dear Monique  according to numerology Saundra is a bit self centered and although very sensitive can sometimes tend to not face her problems in a mature way , if you did talk to her already it is good


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