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2016-12-03 Tarot Card Readings - getting a tutoring job on campus?:

Pui Ni Hao!    I've studied Taijiquen with a little Wushu and Baguazhang since the 1990s and I have had 3 or 4 tutored lessons in Mandarin as part of that. Not enough to say anything more than a sentence

2016-12-02 Psychics - will I ever be able to get a tutoring job on campus?:

I am sorry but I could not see you getting that job in this college although the tarot suggested you might find a different college where you can do it or different job all together within two months from

2016-12-02 Psychics - New love:

Dear Idris  numerology suggests that one of the reasons might be that you are not sure of what kind of partner you wish to have in yourlife and that might cause you connecting with verity of people who

2016-12-01 Psychics - will I ever be able to get a tutoring job on campus?:

dear Pui  which college are you trying to get the job at?

2016-12-01 Psychics - new job:

Thank you for getting in touch with me. Thank you for the trust you're investing in me as a reader for you today for this topic that you're concerned about. Connecting to your energies I can see that you're


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