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2016-09-27 Psychics - Relationship:

Dear Jahnaya I understand your wishes and plans however I was not convinced that Marcus is on the same page as you and not even sure he is in love and with that in mind it will be awful to see you going

2016-09-25 Psychics - place of living:

Dear Barbara   I cant guess names of countries as there are so many of them out there however if there is one place where you want to know if its good for you to reside at you are welcome to name it and

2016-09-24 Psychics - Right direction:

please let me know what kind of decision is it you dont need to give me detials just tell me if you are talking about investing in something or departing something selling or renting or whatever activity

2016-09-24 Psychics - Right direction:

I am sorry what is your name and what is the question you wish me to check the possible explaination for your dreams or your financial condition?

2016-09-22 Tarot Card Readings - Friends again?:

Hi Adriana    As it says on my profile, I do not accept "third party questions" which means I will not accept questions about someone other than yourself.    Tarot can not predict the future or read other


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