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2016-10-21 Tarot Card Readings - Love:

The one Tarot card for you is Temperance which says to you, your chances to be together is unlikely as deemed by Fate, as you made your choice and started the wheel of Fate a long time ago. So now he is

2016-10-21 Psychics - Love/Relationships:

Dear Jasmin  I have to admit I was a bit surprised to hear you never start dating or maybe you meant it was not a true love cause frankly numerology suggest you are very likeable people fall easily for

2016-10-20 Psychics - Love:

dear Kelshia  i am afraid numerology suggest this is not your best match especially that Dominic was never good in shwoing love and affection to one person in particulary as he did not experience that

2016-10-20 Psychics - Love/Relationships:

is your name Jasmine?

2016-10-18 Psychics - Career and Love:

Dear Sophie  there is no doubt in me that you can be a great communicator and a good teacher for others and also might carry some musical talents however as I could not tell what was this chosen career


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