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2017-03-27 Psychics - New Job?:

Dear Alison,    You will be deealth with fairly. You already know the odds and the possibility, so justice is on your side. Inside of 11 days you should get an answer. It ought to be yes. I see the Ace

2017-03-27 Psychics - Love:

Hello Shelly  maybe in long distance this relationship will seem to work but on the real day to day life it will not because Jamie here is in more need for social ties than you are and its not sure he

2017-03-26 Tarot Card Readings - Buddha:

Hi Grace!    Thank you for writing.    My hunch is that this is a common sense kind of thing, not a big mystery or anything that needs a Tarot reading. A few quick observations and facts might make sense

2017-03-26 Psychics - love:

Dear Miriam, here are copies of our previous correspondence:      QUESTION: Hi sharianda,   I was born on march 5, 1975 and steve the men i am  in love with was born in 1972,  i will like to know if this

2017-03-26 Psychics - Relationship:

I feel that he is going to challenge you to accepting unconditional love and i know that you can give it, but you have to learn to receive it as well. He is a good guy, and I feel that you will hang in


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