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Parenting of Adolescents

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2017-02-21 Parenting --Teens - Child in subtance abuse (Marijuana):

Dear Precious,     Before I tackle the drug part of your question, let's talk about your relationship with your son because that is by far the most important part. What he does or doesn't do with drugs

2017-02-19 Family Relations - Re: Dealing with Mom:

Hi, Andrew, you asked "Do you feel that it's justified to never really expect rent, then take a home away if her finances aren't being met?"    This is not a psychological question, but I will offer you

2017-02-14 Gifted Children - Understanding CogAT ability profile:

Reena    What a lucky girl your DD is to have such a caring and insightful parent!    The CogAT is a useful tool to help identify children's abilities across certain domains. As you noticed, this test

2017-02-08 Gifted Children - Telling a child he is gifted?:

So glad to know we have connected in a way to support your sweet child's learning, growth, and development. At our nonprofit, Orchard Human Services, we provide simple solutions to help schools and parents

2017-02-08 Gifted Children - Telling a child he is gifted?:

Good morning, Peter    Congratulations on your wonderful son! He sounds delightful. And clearly, you are wonderful parents.    I especially love that you asked this question. This shows the level of responsibility


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