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Parenting of Adolescents

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2017-01-13 Teenage Problems - Am I Normal?:

Hi Samantha,    Well, it depends on what you define as normal. If I told you it wasn't normal would you stop doing it? What matters is what you and your partner like. Pregnancy is highly unlikely with

2017-01-07 Parenting --Teens - Grand daughters attitude:

Hello Geri,     I'm sorry to hear about the concern worry about your granddaughter.     These kinds of situations are extremely challenging for both parents and grandparents because they require difficult

2016-12-30 Family Relations - Awful Father:

Hi, Austin, thanks for your question. Yes, it is a difficult place to be - when you have more enlightenment than your parents. Or, put it another way, when you can see that the emperor has no clothes,

2016-12-23 Teenage Problems - tentacles shrinkage:

Hi,    Testicle shrinkage can occur when the testes diminish in size because of either aging, injury, prescription drugs, or exhaustion from excessive masturbation and ejaculation. Diminished testicles

2016-12-13 Teenage Problems - teen problems:

Hi Lisa,    Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope that I can help.     Firstly, let me apologise for the late delay. I usually respond within three days but my offline job has been a


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