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Parenting of Adolescents

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2016-11-15 Family Relations - Dealing with difficult sibling:

Give him 30 days to move out. If he has not moved out at then end of 30 days, have the police forcibly remove him. It's harsh, yes, but there is no way you are going to change a 30 year old adult. Given

2016-11-02 Family Relations - Family Disfunction:

"ignore the behavior that I perceive as selfish or lazy"    ---- you have given yourself good advice, IMO. First, you don't have permission to give them advice, so why would you? 2nd, since they are not

2016-11-02 Family Relations - Family Disfunction:

Hi, Lulu, thanks for your question. You wanted "advice on how I can manage my own behavior."    "My older sibling currently works for me, but refuses to act as if he is at a real job. I have to constantly

2016-10-14 Parenting --Teens - Pic gone viral at school.:

Hello Natalia,     I'm sure this is an embarrassing situation for both you and your son. However, since it can't be "undone" and the photos can't be recovered and suppressed, it is something you and your

2016-10-08 Gifted Children - Is my son is gifted ? How can i improve his skills:

Thank you for your patience.    Your child will never lack for intellectual stimulation. When he starts school, if you decide to home school, you can look at advanced programs for home. There are also


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