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Parenting of Adolescents

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2016-09-06 Teenage Problems - Personal Stuff:

Hi,    I'm in no position to judge, no one is. I'm not sure what you want my opinion about. We've all done things that we're not proud of. What's important is that we learn from our mistakes and move on

2016-09-05 Family Relations - Sibling rivalry:

HI Elsa,  My initial thought on this is that your daughter needs more than a talking to. There need to be more serious action rather than conversations about getting along. Without being able to see how

2016-09-05 Family Relations - Raise interest into parents totally lacking it:

Thanks for reaching out. I think at some point you have to let go and invest in the people around you that actually want to be really involved in your life. Some parents are not interested in others, because

2016-08-19 Teenage Problems - Is it wrong to read books with mature content?:

Hi Kamisama,    Thank you for writing to me.  You stated that once in a while, you read books that might have a mature content.  I do not see anything wrong with that at 17 years of age.  If you read a

2016-08-15 Family Relations - relationship:

Debra,  What kind of partner is unwilling to not drink for a period of time when asked by someone they supposedly care about. It makes me wonder if your partner also has a drinking issue. One sign of an


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