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2017-03-14 Pharmacy - Intal?:

Hi Ruth,  The only way to get it from the EU is to have a prescription filled there and sent to you. This can be dose if you have a family member there who could get a doctor there to prescribe it and

2017-03-02 Pain Management - back pain exercise:

Hi, Ben,    As asked if there's another home exercise that's better than sit-ups.    Yes.    here: (may need to copy and paste)    Also, you may stop doing

2017-02-25 Pharmacy - Antibiotics:

Hi,    If you are prescribed antibiotics again after your procedure, it is okay to take another course of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are prescribed for a certain number of days and then the prescriber evaluates

2017-02-21 Pharmacy - Making Prozac solution from capsules:

Hi Amr,  I can not recommend you do this as I do not know what the stability of the final product would be. Compounding drug stores can make that for you if the commercial product is not available in your

2017-02-20 Pharmaceuticals - Re-validation:

The trends are away from the concept of process validation being three batches.     As for re-validation most companies, except for sterile product validation, is to use annual product quality reports


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