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2017-01-18 Pharmacy - Alternatives to citalopram for IBS bloating?:

Hi,      I am so sorry you lost your son.  It is okay to be on two anti depressants at the same time even if you are not depressed.  There are patients who take antidepressants for physical pain or headache

2017-01-18 Pharmacy - Citalopram:

Hi Barry,  It has been documented before that. Medications such as Citalopram can be beneficial in irritable bowel syndrome. The gut has serotonin receptors similar to those fond in the brain and Citalopram

2017-01-13 Pharmacy - Glucophage xr:

Hi,      No, Glucophage XR is not always stronger than regular Glucophage.  Regular Glucophage can be dosed twice daily to be equivalent or close in equivalence to the XR version to help reduce blood sugar

2017-01-01 Pharmacy - Zantac:

Hi Dee,  Pepcid AC twice daily would resolve most simple reflux/acid indigestion problems. Do not increase the dose. Ranitidine is not any better and by adding it to Pepcid AC you are duplicating therapy

2016-12-28 Pharmacy - Lisinopril:

Hi,    If you want to stop taking lisinopril or wean yourself off of lisinopril, please check with your MD first. Your dose at 5mg is low, so he may stop it abruptly or reduce the dose over a number of


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