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2016-11-23 Pain Management - Urgent please help:

Hi Amber.  I'm glad you wrote in. You must be terrified. You didn't say your age or how long you have been on the MS and the other narcotics. I think you should follow the dr's advice and take an extra

2016-10-26 Pharmacy - multiple antibioitics:

Hi Orlando,  Dentists prescribe antibiotics for 2 reasons. The first is to treat infections, and the second reason is to prevent complications following a procedure. I do not know what the doctor found

2016-09-13 Pharmacy - hives:

Hi Howard,  You first need to find the cause of the hives and avoid it. Hives can be relieved by calamine lotion, also Bactine spray which has an anti infective and local anesthetic can temporarily relive


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