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2016-10-08 Ethics - Is this fair, the IRS says it is?:

Hello!    I'm not sure if your question is whether the report you're describing is fair. I would, however, say that you're right in that the IRS says it is legal, under current tax structure, which is

2016-10-08 Ethics - Is this fair, the IRS says it is legal?:

Fair, perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Legal, of course.  The tax laws were written for the benefit of Congress, and for the benefit of their big donors.  So we have provisions such as the ones you mentioned.

2016-10-02 Philosophy - relativism:

Moral Relativism has been around for thousands of years, with the Sophists in ancient Greece being among the first to espouse it as a principle.    The basic tenets are that there are no absolute moral

2016-09-19 Philosophy - methods of argumentation and refutation:

What you are asking for is a critical thinking tool set that can only be provided by a general introduction to logic.  Give Patrick Hurley's: A Concise Introduction to Logic a try.  Plenty of used copies

2016-08-24 Comparative Religious Studies - A Confusing Religious Symbol:

Thank you for updating me!  I like alphabets, and have had a copy of "Scripts in and around India" for many years--our family lived in Calcutta in the fifties.  More recently I worked with the Ethiopic


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