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2016-09-19 Philosophy - methods of argumentation and refutation:

What you are asking for is a critical thinking tool set that can only be provided by a general introduction to logic.  Give Patrick Hurley's: A Concise Introduction to Logic a try.  Plenty of used copies

2016-08-24 Comparative Religious Studies - A Confusing Religious Symbol:

Thank you for updating me!  I like alphabets, and have had a copy of "Scripts in and around India" for many years--our family lived in Calcutta in the fifties.  More recently I worked with the Ethiopic

2016-08-20 Comparative Religious Studies - A Confusing Religious Symbol:

I'm sorry to say I don't recognize this symbol.  Try sending it to the department of religion at a university--Berkeley, Harvard, or another. It could be posted on a bulletin board and seen by people who

2016-08-04 Ethics - ethical question:

Sam,      I am aware of no such studies.  I am not certain how the study could be conducted.  There are so many subjective variables.  My own experience teaches me that there may be a slight correlation


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