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2016-11-10 Philosophy - Is morality a human invention or do we all have somewhat of a built in moral compass:

Great question.  Some philosophers, like the early Sophists in ancient Greece through the modern era with David Hume, and to a great extent, have argued that most human knowledge is learned from experience

2016-11-05 Philosophy - truth:

Excellent question Adam.    Science does have truth as its goal, as do most human endeavors.  The scientific method makes use of a fundamental truth or principle of logic, namely that no false proposition

2016-10-08 Ethics - Is this fair, the IRS says it is?:

Hello!    I'm not sure if your question is whether the report you're describing is fair. I would, however, say that you're right in that the IRS says it is legal, under current tax structure, which is

2016-10-08 Ethics - Is this fair, the IRS says it is legal?:

Fair, perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Legal, of course.  The tax laws were written for the benefit of Congress, and for the benefit of their big donors.  So we have provisions such as the ones you mentioned.

2016-10-02 Philosophy - relativism:

Moral Relativism has been around for thousands of years, with the Sophists in ancient Greece being among the first to espouse it as a principle.    The basic tenets are that there are no absolute moral


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