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2017-01-25 Massage - Neck:

Yes!  Exactly, James.     There are therapists who are trained in trigger point massage and who can gently work out tight neck muscles without rubbing.  They may use some gliding to warm the area but then

2017-01-08 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Shoulder muscle damage?:

Wow.  Well that's a lot.  Lots of times scapular weakness will contribute to a slew of problems.  But they all start there.  People who sit a lot, type, etc. often experience tightening of the pecs, weakening

2016-12-31 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Bicep tendon:

You are lifting way too much.  Likely damage to the biceps tendon insertion into the radial tuberosity of the radius bone - partial tear probably.  Rest it, stop lifting so much, and see how it feels in

2016-12-31 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Rotator cuff:

Totally depends on how comfortable you are with it. Be careful if you have any combative or physical students. They can mess things up if your arm gets pulled a little. Sounds like you may want to consider

2016-12-25 Joint Pain Relief - Hip Pain:

HI Dave,    I find in situations like yours that you want to create as much space and freedom in the joint as you can, so releasing any tight soft-tissue would be the main priority.  Strengthening exercises


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