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2016-11-28 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - golfer's elbow:

Rest, rest, and more rest. Tendons heal very slowly and don't respond well to excessive stress. Avoid any activity that causes pain. After 4 weeks if it hasn't significantly improved go buy a wrist brace

2016-11-21 Joint Pain Relief - Migraine:

Hi Ali,    Well, bones only go where muscles pull or hold them.  Bones are chunks of calcium they cannot move on their own.  If he manipulated your C5/T1 and it didn't stay, it's because the tight tissue

2016-11-20 Joint Pain Relief - Migraine:

HI Alison,    Yes, a "trigger point" is just tight tissue that you can certainly work on.  My Shoulder Joint Pain Relief page,

2016-11-20 Joint Pain Relief - Migraine:

Hi Alison,    Yes, it's should be perfectly safe to do my techniques. And they are great for whiplash.  I'd go through my main Neck Pain Relief page,

2016-10-08 Joint Pain Relief - I'm having pain in my hip:

Hi Julie,    Sorry about your hip pain.  From your message, I'm not exactly sure of some of the details, but since I know your hip hurts, but as long as nothing is ripped or broken, then my free website


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