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2017-01-08 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Shoulder muscle damage?:

Wow.  Well that's a lot.  Lots of times scapular weakness will contribute to a slew of problems.  But they all start there.  People who sit a lot, type, etc. often experience tightening of the pecs, weakening

2016-12-31 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Bicep tendon:

You are lifting way too much.  Likely damage to the biceps tendon insertion into the radial tuberosity of the radius bone - partial tear probably.  Rest it, stop lifting so much, and see how it feels in

2016-12-31 Physical Rehabilitation Medicine - Rotator cuff:

Totally depends on how comfortable you are with it. Be careful if you have any combative or physical students. They can mess things up if your arm gets pulled a little. Sounds like you may want to consider

2016-12-25 Joint Pain Relief - Hip Pain:

HI Dave,    I find in situations like yours that you want to create as much space and freedom in the joint as you can, so releasing any tight soft-tissue would be the main priority.  Strengthening exercises

2016-12-11 Joint Pain Relief - Location:

Hi Jim,    I'm 30 minutes north of San Diego, California, USA.  Yes, I have a practice where I see patients.  If you want to contact me for a session please contact me   through the "Contact Gary" link


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