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2016-12-01 Astrophysics - superfluidity:

Superfluidity is a state where a fluid can flow with no viscosity,  like liquid helium below 4 Kelvin.  Normal fluids need work to pump against viscous resistance due to molecular collisions, like water

2016-11-25 Physics - Heat Engine Question:

Well, heat builds pressure.  Pressure acting against a surface applies a force.  That force, on a piston, travels a distance.  That force*distance = a work.  So a constant inflow of heat applies an increasing

2016-11-25 Electronics - Transformer core size:

Core design is not a simple, linear type mathematical calculation - at any frequency or condition.    There are several approaches to working it out but remember that shape of the core (E or I type) and

2016-11-21 Electronics - Engine to Electricity:

The best solution for your consideration is most likely an electric generator.      There are kits available (you can google for them) which allow one to construct small electric generators that will produce

2016-11-21 Physics - Tipcat experiment:

Hello Tess and Madelaine,    Yes there are forces in this scenario. Of course there is the force that is applied to the stick that makes it fly. And there is the stick's weight. Both of those act downwards


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