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2017-03-26 Physics - Finding voltage across a wire of unkown lengtg:

I don't help with homework problems.  It says so in my profile, right up front.  The answer is 16 volts.  Figure the current, figure the fraction of the voltage of these resistors in series, you get your

2017-03-26 Physics - Wine Glass Acoustics:

Perhaps you should elaborate as to which equation.  There are many equations involved in acoustics with many constants.  This one is probably a damping constant, but I have absolutely no idea without the

2017-03-25 Thermodynamics - Metals Corrosion.:

Hi Prashant,    Metal corrosion is a vast and complex field of study and occupies much of the work in a degree in metallurgy.    As a general rule metals that react with oxygen from the air (e.g. iron)

2017-03-25 Electronics - Metals Corrosion.:

This is not an electronics question per se and I hesitate giving an opinion. However, a simple google online search produces many kinds of corrosive effects that have been tabulated into tables and charts

2017-03-24 Electronics - Multilingual Traffic Sign Board.:

Electronics and sign making to do so is not an obstacle to your suggestion.    Since it is not a technical question, then, I hesitate to give an opinion.    The United States is predominantly an English


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