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2017-02-21 Physics - car crash, vehicle in motion hitting stationary vehicle:

All the damage?  Both cars should have sustained some damage, equal forces would have acted on both.  However, the different points of application of those forces may have caused unequal amounts of damage

2017-02-19 Physics - Do High Voltage Power Lines Cause health problem?:

I've answered this a few times, but every time it helps to go look up the latest research.  There are still no reliable studies showing an association between power line EMF and cancer risk.  Cell phones

2017-02-19 Physics - Curious:

Hello Dan,    This is a quote from  "Electromagnetic waves are created by the vibration of an electric charge. This vibration creates a wave which has

2017-02-17 Physics - Satellites running out of fuel.:

Hello Prashant,    The type of indicators depends on the type of fuel. It could be a pressure measurement. This site  reports that "Pressure

2017-02-17 Physics - Satellites running out of fuel.:

Generally such fuels are a gas or liquid.  In the case of a tank of gas, a simple pressure sensor can tell how much fuel is in a tank.  In the case of a liquid, a thermocouple can tell how much a liquid's


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