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2016-09-29 Thermodynamics - Tips/ Advice for Science Project:

Hi Camryn,    Sounds like a good Project.    First off Bathing suits are made of more than one material. Typically the main cloth then cotton for stitching and elastic for fit. Find out which and test

2016-09-26 Physics - electron to proton ratio:

The first statement...not so much, you'd still have equal charges and so chemistry would work the same.  But either larger or smaller for the number of protons and electrons and electromagnetism would

2016-09-26 Electronics - Protection circuit for electrical machines.:

No care is needed.  When electricity is lost the motor turns off.  That's all.  The motor design and starting/stopping characteristics of the single phase motor is designed for long-term simple on and

2016-09-25 Physics - calculus based physics:

I don't generally do homework questions, but I'll tell you a few things because this problem has a characteristic trick to it that most students miss.  This question went to my spam folder for some reason

2016-09-25 Electronics - Protection circuit for electrical machines.:

There is no need for protection circuits with major household appliances nor with kitchen appliances.  They will merely start up again when power is restored.  A washing machine will automatically shut


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