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Plastic Surgery

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2016-09-20 Plastic Surgery - Puncture wound:

Hi Kay,    Sorry for the delay in answering; there was apparently a glitch in the system.    You'll need to be seen by a hand surgeon to make sure there is no nerve damage.  Assuming there isn't, though

2016-09-10 Plastic Surgery - Mole removal:

Freezing, chemicals and various forms of electrsurgical or laser energy are used, but all do leave scars to some extent. A light surgical "shave" of the lesion can be used. while scaring is minimal with

2016-09-10 Plastic Surgery - Mole removal:

No simple answer for this one James.  It depends on the size and location of the mole.  Some areas of the face heal better than others, and scaring can vary from individual to individual.  Generally, benign


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