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Plastic Surgery

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2017-02-19 Plastic Surgery - Pre-op for a procedure:

Hi Maria,    Actually, it sounds about right.  In order to do a facelift under "local" you need to be kept comfortable, and calm, and medications such as these are often used to accomplish that.  There

2017-02-02 Plastic Surgery - Jawline slimming:

Hi Lourdes,    Botox provides a temporary (a few months) weakness of specific muscles.  It works by paralyzing (on a short-term basis) whichever muscles it is injected into.  The effects depend on many

2017-01-25 Plastic Surgery - 3D printing in facial reconstruction:

I do not use 3D printing yet. in terms of general info on how this impacts on face aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, i give you a brief answer  1. it enables custom implants to be manufactured locally


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