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2016-12-01 Microsoft Internet Explorer - WD EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE:

Hi Kenny,    In order to assist you, please provide me the following error message.     1. Model details of the Western Digital drive you are using    2. Are you using windows xp 32 bit of 64 bit?    3

2016-11-18 Microsoft Internet Explorer - default language fonts:

Hi Sara,    I apologize for taking so much time to reply back to you. Regarding your issue, if you dont like the default font on your windows 10 computer, please follow the following steps to change it:

2016-10-23 Microsoft Outlook - Retrieving old email account:

Cathleen, so much has happened with Hotmail since 2008.  I think it is unlikely you will be able to retrieve the email.    I would go to the following and review and do a new search within this site.

2016-09-14 Microsoft Internet Explorer - windows 10 update, now can't load exe files:

Hi Sara,    I apologise for taking so much time to reply back to you.    Regarding your issue, please download and Run Microsoft troubleshooter from the below link.


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