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2017-01-22 Infertility/Fertility - Pregnancy after ICSI and septum resection:

Hello Ahmed from Egypt,    The cause for the failures cannot be definitely determined.  If the endometrium was normal by hysteroscopy and the endometrial thickness was at least 7 mm prior to transfer,

2017-01-16 Infertility/Fertility - Getting pregnant after miscarriage:

Hello Laura from Canada,    Studies have shown that a woman's fertility is increased for the 1st six months after a miscarriage, so I encourage my patients to start trying as soon as their cycles return

2017-01-15 Abortion - Post surgical worries:

Hello, Poppy,    I am really sorry you are going through all this. You deserve better. I completely understand why you wouldn't want to go back. You don't have to.    The questions you have asked are medical

2017-01-13 Infertility/Fertility - Antibiotic and ovulation:

Hello Ranjani from India,    I can't explain why your follicles have not grown this cycle, but it is not due to the antibiotic.    Good Luck,    Dr. Edward J. Ramirez, M.D., FACOG  Executive Medical Director

2017-01-12 Infertility/Fertility - Follicle size:

Hello Sarah from Canada,    Did you have any opportunity to speak with the Doctor rather than the nurse?    In general, if a follicle is greater than 24 mms, the egg is over-mature and definitely so if


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