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2017-02-20 Birth Control - Reliable alternative to the pill:

Since your fertility is very low due to your age of 51, almost any form of birth control would probably be good.  Most 51 year old women couldn't get pregnant if they tried.  Since there is a slight chance

2017-02-18 Birth Control - Could I be pregnant??:

Since you haven't missed a period, it's quite unlikely that your symptoms are due to pregnancy.  However, a pregnancy test would tell you.  If the symptoms are from pregnancy, a pregnancy test will always

2017-01-25 Abortion - Cervical incompetence:

Hello, Dr. Nosheen,    First, please know I am not a doctor. I am a medical researcher.    Why would she need a laparotomy? That sounds unnecessarily dangerous. Perhaps the doctors she has seen don't know

2017-01-23 Breastfeeding - Help:

it depends on which one you have.  Each STD is different so if you have one, you would want to see how that particular one is transmitted and apply that knowledge to any situation. AS an example is you

2017-01-22 Infertility/Fertility - Pregnancy after ICSI and septum resection:

Hello Ahmed from Egypt,    The cause for the failures cannot be definitely determined.  If the endometrium was normal by hysteroscopy and the endometrial thickness was at least 7 mm prior to transfer,


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