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2016-11-26 Seventh-Day Adventists - The Law of God:

Hello again David.  This second writing for some reason was entered into the spam folder.  I usually donít check that folder but for some reason did so today.  But anyway, the 10 commandments are 10 principles

2016-11-23 Seventh-Day Adventists - The Law of God:

Hello David.  Hope you enjoyed this thanksgiving day and reflect back on all we may be thankful for.  You know that this is one of the best ways to increase your faith.  You look back into the past and

2016-11-21 Seventh-Day Adventists - Conformity to civil rules:

Awano,    We cannot control the choices of others.  We can give all the glory to God in our private lives.  It does not matter if others do not do the same.  But, being patriotic also does not mean we

2016-11-20 Seventh-Day Adventists - Child dedication:

Michelle,    Frankly, I do not know and I am certainly not one to judge.  I can certainly see that a pastor might perform a baby dedication on behalf of a single mother.  I can also see that a pastor might

2016-11-19 Methodists - Church membership:

Sorry I'm so late in answering this.  I started to, then my brain cell that was designated to answer it must have died.    Sorry you find yourself in a position that you hate organized religion so much


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