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2016-09-27 Seventh-Day Adventists - Sabbath and Work:

Dear Brother Charles:    How did God allow you to risk your job? You were attached to a false belief that could have cost you your job. If anyone besides yourself is to blame it would be the SDA Church

2016-09-12 Protestantism - jesus:

Amtry, The Romans guards would not know who Jesus was or what he looked like. It does not really matter if they could or could not recognize him. What is important is that prophesy had to be fulfilled

2016-09-04 Protestantism - jesus:

Amtry. Thanks for your question. This is a good question. One reason was to  fulfill prophesy about that Jesus  would be betrayed.     Jesus did many miracles. Some biblical scholars estimated at the time

2016-09-04 Lutherans - rapture:

Hello, Shirley,    It may not be worth the trouble to explain this to a Baptist. There are probably more important issues. For my money, that includes the refusal to baptize infants (which brings to my

2016-08-25 Seventh-Day Adventists - 7th Day Sabbath:

Dear Sister Tammie:    I am not against anyone keeping the 7th day Sabbath. I defend the sabbatarian's right to worship on the 7th day as I also defend the right of the Christian to observe the 1st day


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