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2017-02-18 Seventh-Day Adventists - Salvation:

Dear Brother Tom:    Is Jesus necessary for salvation? Absolutely.  "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved"

2017-02-17 Lutherans - Annulment:

Shauna:    Thank you for your question and my apologies for my delay in answering you.    From what I know of Wisconsin Synod beliefs and policies, I would say that you boyfriend is most likely correct

2017-02-05 Seventh-Day Adventists - Only me😞:

Hi, Alec. Thank you for writing and asking your very important question.    I remember when I was baptized as a young person and my dad was not a Seventh-day Adventist. In my case, my mother was a Seventh-day

2017-01-16 Seventh-Day Adventists - The Sabbath ceremonial?:

Dear Sister Debra:      I believe that, like all the Sabbaths, the 7th day Sabbath is ceremonial. I believe this to be the clear teaching of the Bible. I see Levitcus 23 as very strongly teaching that

2017-01-16 Seventh-Day Adventists - The Sabbath ceremonial?:

Hello Debra,    Thank you for your question.    Before I answer I would like to preface my remarks by saying that the Bible does not divide the law into categories such as moral, ceremonial, civil, food


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