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2017-02-09 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Self injury disorder or masochism?:

Hi Claire      A-  Either or both. Depends on whether the objective is to mutilate, especially if followed by regret (pointing to the latter), or simply to enjoy the excitement (then the former).     B-

2017-02-08 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Is this considered masochism or self infury?:

fantasies are not the same as self injury, no. Bruising oneself purposely would, of course, be self harm. Some people do it as a religious ritual, and are not bothered by it. For those persons, we would

2017-02-08 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Query re diagnostic term:

well, it is impossible to diagnose someone with such limited information. It would also be unethical to try to do so via email. In addition, even if a doctor COULD accurately diagnose you via email, that

2017-02-08 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Query re diagnostic term:

why is your diagnosis so important?

2017-02-07 Counseling - Help:

Hi Aspara,    You just haven't connected with the right people or programs to help you. Dyslexia just means your brain works differently than the majority. So things have to be presented to you in a different


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