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2017-01-11 Counseling - Dad's anger after mom's death:

Hi Sid,    I would say the place you need  to start is letting go of this pain.    Feelings are the body's reaction to thoughts and thought  processes. They are one in the same, just two ways of expressing

2017-01-11 Counseling - Grieving mom's unexpected death:

Sid,  first, my sympathies on the loss of your mom.  Having worked for our local hospice as the coordinator of bereavement services, I've learned a lot from the people who I saw. First, is to accept the

2017-01-05 Counseling - COUNSELING:

Hi, Andrew.  I'll do my best to answer your questions.  In terms of how counseling may help, from my perspective as a solution-focused practitioner, I would answer that this all depends on what your personal

2016-12-22 Psychology - Dissociative Identity Disorder:

Hi Jewel,    >1. How have the numbers of people being diagnosed with this disorder changed over the years?    This what the DSM is

2016-12-14 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - getting angry a lot:

Hi Robert    It might help to know that many people who react like you, without realizing it self-explain other people's behavior in a bad light.  If you knew a driver sped past while rushing a sick baby


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