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2016-09-17 Psychology - Human behavior:

Hi,  Humans have all kinds of preferences in who we are attracted too.  In general female exhibitionists in humans. They have fancy clothing, hair and makeup to show off that they healthy and able to reproduce

2016-09-16 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Anti social:

Hi, thanks for your questions. You asked,    Surely people can fit these qualifications and not be a sociopath, or am I wrong?  ---- the problem with laypeople trying to use diagnostic criteria is that

2016-09-11 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Beauty:

Hi, James, I don't know of any websites where there are "experts" on beauty. I do know that there is some psychological research in the area. My understanding of the research is that people mostly agree

2016-08-29 Criminology and Forensic Psychology - Criminal Profiling as a career:

Kelley,    The answer is yes.  You would advocate for the victim at the trial level to ensure that he or she is competent to testify at trial and you would be able to coach the victim as well so as to

2016-08-26 Coping with Terrorism - Isis:

Hello Joyce and thank you for your question.    The question of "why they hate us" can be confusing for most Americans, who by most measures are moderate in their views and simply want to go about their


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