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Smoking Cessation

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2017-02-07 Hypnosis - Substance related amnesia VS hypnosis:

While it is possible hypnosis could "inadvertantly" bring up some issues, hopefully the hypnotist would be qualified to handle such situations.  I would note that anything can potentially bring up a memory

2017-01-27 Hypnosis - Substance related amnesia VS hypnosis:

Hello,    I'm not an expert on this, but the issue is, as you noted, whether a memory is formed at any level of the mind or if these substances block the mind's ability to store the memory.    I have found

2016-12-08 Hypnosis - undoing negative associations:

Hello,    What you describe is similar to creating a habit.  It's not unusual to connect certain things to a particular memory, such as a certain smell reminding you of a wonderful time you had at a restaurant


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