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2016-12-02 Windows XP - CONNECTING WD TO WINDOWS XP:

This sounds like a simple issue with Drive initialization. Drive initialization can be done from Disk Management in system tools. When you have a brand new hard drive it will need to be initialized in

2016-11-19 Macintosh OS - Error Messages:

Stephen, sorry I've been so long.  I didn't forget you but I'm up to my eyeballs with urgent tasks that are consuming all of my time.      Because it sound like your computer was hacked, I think your best

2016-11-17 Macintosh OS - Error Messages:

Stephen,    Do you have your disks for Office 2011?  While we could try to go step by step and delete Microsoft preferences, (which I'm happy to help you with should you decide to go that direction), my

2016-11-10 Macintosh OS - HOW LONG NOW:

I'm not sure what you mean. Security updates tend to be a little vague as Apple do not want to tell the bad guys what vulnerabilities they have patched. Updates which tend to add functionality get publicised

2016-10-25 Macintosh OS - POWER UP:

I'm not aware that  memory itself uses a lot of power. However, processor intensive tasks do use more power and apps with larger memory footprints tend to have larger cpu requirements. Also, an important


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