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2017-01-17 Windows XP - xp problem:

Hello Clem,    Your symptoms seem to point to a few troubles, unfortunately - but I wanted to test some things out first, so I tried updating Firefox on an XP machine and was able to download and update

2017-01-08 Windows XP - win 7, cpu usage 100%:

Hello (as I see you are from Kuwait, Sallam/Marhaba),    Although this question is about Windows 7, I’d be happy to try give some ideas…    Usually when a system gets up to 100% CPU usage, it indicates

2017-01-06 Windows NT - Upgrading to Windows 10:

Hi,    Programs from previous versions of Windows may crash because of compatibility issues.  New Windows 10 programs may crash because the code may not been written well.   If you reinstall Windows you

2017-01-05 Macintosh OS - really slow:

You seem to have plenty of ram and hard disc space. Your operating system is, however, very old. Have you tried a speed test? Go to     If this downloads at a good rate, then your internet

2017-01-01 Windows NT - Upgrading to Windows 10:

Hi There,    When any upgrades are done there is always a risk of losing some or all your data.  There is a similar risk in any case at any time but the risk is higher during upgrades.    Moving files


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