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2017-02-09 Windows XP - microsoft office:

Hi Dem  Yes you can safely uninstall Office 2003 without affecting how the rest of the computers runs.    Many companies no longer support Windows XP, Microsoft stopped supporting it in April 2014, companies

2017-02-09 Windows XP - Windows XP PRO:

Hi Colleen,    There are a couple of things that errors with the HAL.DLL file can be – it can be actually missing or become corrupted somehow, or it can be ‘there’ and be ok, but some important files that

2017-01-26 Windows XP - Windows 10:

Jim, I would suspect the image app (for example IrfanView, PhotoShop etc.) being used.  An update to the app might have gone astray or perhaps the app code somehow became corrupted.  Suggestion: If a different

2017-01-20 Windows XP - Windows 10:

Dave, I am sorry to be late getting back to you but for some reason I missed your email.  Windows 10 requires > 1 ghz processor and your HP computer is faster at 3ghz; also requires RAM memory 1gb which

2017-01-19 Macintosh OS - IS THIS NEW:

Updating a computer is just installing the latest software. The updates may be fixed for software bugs, security patches or additional features.    Upgrading could be software upgrades or could be hardware


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