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2016-09-22 Macintosh OS - READ ME:

Emails can be sent that contain images (sometimes just a white pixel) that are stored on a webpage. When the image is downloaded to a email client or a webmail client that download can note the email address

2016-09-14 Windows NT - MP370 remote desktop:

Hi,    SIMATIC PCS 7 offers simple and fast remote access via the Web with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). RDP allows OS clients to be represented and operated on a simple terminal device, for example a

2016-09-09 Windows XP - BOOT MANAGER ISSUES:

Kenny, It appears that the hard drive on your Windows XP computer has failed.  Your options are to repair this problem computer or replace it with a new one.  1) Repair: If you cannot re-install Windows

2016-09-08 Windows XP - BOOT MANAGER ISSUES:

Kenny, the attached boot manager sequence does not show a bootable hard drive that is recognized by the computer. Looks like the C: hard drive (HDD) with boot sector has failed. If you have another computer

2016-08-30 Unix/Linux OS - Install latest openssl and apache2 on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS:

I just upgraded Ubuntu 14 LTS to Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS and needed to secure LAMP to the point of disabling IE8, etc. with all the old ciphers. The consensus I found on the web was to use latest packages for


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