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2017-03-13 Unix/Linux OS - Diff BW Unix Shell and Command Line:

Hi Santhosh,    Unix shell is a home environment for a user, who can run commands. There are other programs running too in a shell.    A command line is a user interface where user enters a command (sequence

2017-03-13 DOS - Diff BW DOS and Windows 8:

The exact difference? There's not just one difference; it's a lot of things. If you're familiar with the technical jargon, it will be easier.    The first one?   The number of tasks that both operating

2017-02-25 Macintosh OS - Spotlight:

Just One more thing...    have a look at:    This is a full list of the search criteria.        Open a your hard drive by double clicking

2017-02-17 Macintosh OS - FIRE ESCAPE:

Traditionally a firewall was a physical barrier, used to stop fire spreading. In an office, you may have suspended ceilings which are all open. Building regulations oblige builders to incorporate a physical

2017-02-09 Windows XP - microsoft office:

Hi Dem  Yes you can safely uninstall Office 2003 without affecting how the rest of the computers runs.    Many companies no longer support Windows XP, Microsoft stopped supporting it in April 2014, companies


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