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2016-12-07 Architecture - Circulation Space Percentage:

Quinn,    No, there is not a hard and fast rule about circulation space.  Theoretically, you could design a one-story building with zero circulation space and a lot of exterior doors around the perimeter

2016-12-07 Electrical Engineering - POV Displays.:

There are POV techniques    and holographic techniques to produce 3d phenomenon.

2016-12-06 Biology - Questions about Genetics:

 Hi Tom  1. Genes are paired for each trait. Each individual received a genes from each parent Paired genes fro the same trait are referred to as alleles.  2. Alleles are on the same position of the chromosome

2016-12-06 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - what is this i found in my carpet:

Dear Aaron - I cannot see enough detail in your images to hazard a positive identification. That aside, the only two possibilities that would be of concern are (1) flea larvae - see

2016-12-05 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Ant Farm:

Hello again Kristine    I did a little research about ant Queens and I found that there is a federal law against buying Queens, unless you have a permit and I am not sure how you would get one.   Capturing


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