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2016-09-22 SAS - Do Loop:

Hi Carol,    I am sorry for the delay in replying. From your question it is not clear what is exactly you are trying to achieve...can you please elaborate.    What are these "2016-09-01" , "2016-10-01"

2016-08-30 Artificial Intelligence - Robotic applications in Mountains and Hillstations.:

So - how about the Curiosity Rover - which is currently on Mars attempting to climb a small mountain in the 'Gail Crater'! The answer to your question is 'YES!'.  there are all kinds of robots being built

2016-08-02 Programming Web Crawling Bots, Intelligent - Business creation:

Hello Joseph ....    I would visit my:    Bot Research    ChatterBots    ChatterBots using AI are hot as well as other messenger bots. The sites

2016-08-02 VB Script - VBA for date:

Hi Sudha,    Sorry for delay.  I used DateAdd method and passed -6 days to achieve your objective.  You can try below code and it should work as you expected.    <сode>    MsgBox "GPT & DDV Website

2016-07-31 Visual Basic - QR Code in VB6:

Well, you will have to look online for an algorithm that generates QR codes. I would have to, too, as I have no idea how they work. Luckily, however, we live in the online age, and everything is available


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