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2016-12-02 Programming Web Crawling Bots, Intelligent - FICTION:

Hello Weyman ....    Thanks for the email and question ....    Yes it would be quite possible to create time bombs of data/information to be released at selected times of the future. My blog ( http://www

2016-09-30 SAS - Do Loop:

Hi,  You have list the folder names in a text file using "X" and "dir" command on windows or "ls" ,command in unix environment. Then read the file in a data step and store the folder names into a macro

2016-09-22 SAS - Do Loop:

Hi Carol,    I am sorry for the delay in replying. From your question it is not clear what is exactly you are trying to achieve...can you please elaborate.    What are these "2016-09-01" , "2016-10-01"

2016-06-13 C# - Diff BW Assembly and Namespac:

An Assembly can contain many namespaces. A dll is an assembly    As I said a namespace is for logical seperation. Suppose You create a class for a calculator and call it Calc. At the same time your friend

2016-06-05 C# - diff b/w specifier and modifier.:

they are not  the same    Access specifiers: The access specifier determines how accessible the field is to code in other classes. Access ranges from totally accessible to totally inaccessible. You can


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