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2017-04-20 Weightlifting & Exercise - weight loss:

Todd -     It sounds like you already have a game plan to work with and it seems like your question is a variation of "what exercises can I do that don't require expensive/bulky equipment?"    Some of

2017-04-15 Weightlifting & Exercise - Routine:

Hi James,    Yes I was able to bring it up in the original, however I can't bring it up in this one. If you need me to look particularly at something, I may be able to go back to the original post.   

2017-04-14 Weightlifting & Exercise - Routine:

Hi James    Here are some simple things you may want to incorporate into your workout/diet routine. When you are fighting fat both nutrition and exercise become very important, especially when you get

2017-04-05 Weightlifting & Exercise - Strength routine:

these days I do side presses, with either barbell or dumbells, heavy of course. and I do the ole "hand n thigh lift"  that 6-8" lockout deadlift... I wish I'd done this routine years ago !  my legs and

2017-04-05 Weightlifting & Exercise - Interval Cardio:

Hi James,    Here are some articles that might help.


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