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2016-09-04 Weightlifting & Exercise - mini trampoline:

Hey Barry,  Welcome back. So the trampoline is a great alternative to running and a wise choice for saving your knees. But you sacrifice calorie expenditure for staying pain free, at least in comparing

2016-09-02 Weightlifting & Exercise - Bicep pain:

Hi Scott,    Sounds like you may have torn something such as a ligament, that can happen when you try to do too much too fast. Best bet is to see a physician, preferably one that specializes in orthopedics

2016-09-01 Weightlifting & Exercise - Bikes in rain:

Hi James,    Probably means the chain and drivetrain need some lube, probably a good clean and lube for the drivetrain. if the noise appears to be coming from inside the bottom bracket or inside the rear

2016-08-19 Weightlifting & Exercise - Exercise & Aging:

James  When you start looking for short cuts you stop making improvements. If you want to avoid DOMS don't weight train.Health and fitness are two totally different things. You must first define fitness

2016-08-19 Weightlifting & Exercise - Exercise & Aging:

James,  Exercise (weight training) will make you feel great. However as we age our recovery from such work may take a day or to longer then when you were younger. DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)is


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