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2016-12-25 Russian Language - Russian language question:

Hello Hank,    The word "nemetskiy" is not originally connected to Germany. Nemets (German) was derived from the word "nem" or "nemoy" meaning "numb" or "unable to speak". Common people called all foreigners

2016-11-18 Russian Language - russian:

Hello Andrew,    Вы meaning you has nothing to do with вы in выдающийся. It is a very common prefix which you can find

2016-11-13 Russian Language - Ni shagu nazad - declension:

Hello John,    You are absolutely right. According to the rules it should be in the genitive case, but this is a fixed expression. There are several like this one - на каж

2016-11-09 Russian Language - russian:

Hello Anders!  Both variants are correct. Russian word order does not depend on the function of the word in the sentence. By placing the word in different parts of the sentence you can add emphasis and


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