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2017-04-05 Running a Restaurant - Restaurant Operations Help:

Hi Mike,    I do understand your frustration. We get a great number of inquiries like yours, especially from remote owners but also from owners that are actively managing their own bars and restaurants

2017-04-03 Running a Restaurant - Laws and Regulations for restaurent:

Mr Saket Kothari,  The principal license you need    1. Shop & Establishment license.  2. Local Municipal License  3. FSSAI  4. Fire Safety NOC    All these are premise based    Shop and establishment

2017-04-02 Running a Restaurant - OPENING A NEW RESTAURANT:

Hi,    Taking a franchise or not is a mindset.  Franchise in India is undeveloped. Your assumption that they have standardization  and thorough in their jobs is misplaced. Not all franchise are same. You

2017-04-02 Starting a Small Business - business start-up:

It would have helped to know what kind of services or goods that you want to offer.  Have you thought of the likes of fivver, upwork, etsy and amazon marketplace?    First find out if people actually want

2017-03-26 Financing -- Loans - Bad company Carfinco:

I would recommend getting an attorney and finding out if the bankruptcy laws can be used in your favor.    Perhaps, not even filing bankruptcy, but having your attorney threaten the possibility of    


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