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2016-11-28 Starting a Small Business - Business Advice?:

First of all you need experience in two areas:    1) What it means to be a chef and run your own kitchen - far more than you can be taught in a college environment.  2) You need experience in managing

2016-11-21 Starting a Small Business - Business plan question:

Good question.  First of all mark your business plan confidential on the cover and in your footer.  This emphasizes the point although I can see your concern.    With respect to business models there are

2016-11-15 Accounting, Payroll & Pension Issues - Payroll Service:

You can use a payroll service for the check processing and pay the taxes yourself, but I would not recommend it. The amounts must be paid 3 days after payroll is processed and in a certain way over the

2016-11-10 Employment Law - vacation pay:

Whether or not you receive vacation pay depends on how they handle it in your company. If they pay it out to other's that have been terminated you should also be paid the vacation time.  The laws do not

2016-11-07 Employment Law - Relocation Expenses and company closing:

you were paid the relocation fees to relocate to the current locality.  it will not apply to relocating to another locallity.  You could argue this point.  It is not you that is moving but the company


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