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2017-02-11 Starting a Small Business - Am I on Right track:

From what I can understand from your question which seems to be one long sentence, is that you wish to open a shop but am not sure what to sell.  Going door to door is a long winded way of doing things

2017-02-08 Managing a Business - Postage machines:

Art I have no background on mailing alternatives but I think you have the right idea search each company and compare rates and look for the best deal the one thing I do know is they all will get the job

2017-02-03 Accounting, Payroll & Pension Issues - sole-proprietorship income/draw:

I suggest you do bookkeeping as though the sole proprietorship were separate from any other personal income or expenses.    If a loan is personal, that should not be included in the business income or

2017-02-03 Employment Law - Non Scheduled Emergency Meetings:

If this is required of everyone than it is okay that it is required of you because of either company policy or precedent set.  They cannot fire you for this reason, however you have to work there so I

2017-02-01 Starting a Small Business - Small Business Checking Account?:

Both banks have their satisfied customers and both have dissatisfied customers. While reviews are important, a business working with one branch or one banker within those large banks may have a very different


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