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2016-10-22 Excel - VBA writing:

Chris,    when I used this =cellAddress   I meant the word celladdress as descriptive of what needed to be entered.  This is a direct link.  You want to reproduce the name above this cell in this cell

2016-10-21 Excel - VBA writing:

Christopher,    You might not need a macro.      Copy the sheet  On the copy  Select Column A and B down to the last used row in column C.      Hit F5 and choose GoTo.  Select special then select Blanks

2016-10-18 Excel - VBA adjustment:

Christopher,      I developed and tested the code in Excel 2013 so it has nothing to do with that.  Perhaps you have zeros in the other cells and you have zeros suppressed. Another possibility is that

2016-10-17 Excel - Name Error:

Bill     Custom functions are generally built using VBA.  So I would save the file to my hard drive, then open excel and use file=>Open to open the file.  You should be prompted to enable editing and hopefully

2016-10-17 Excel - First login and last log out time:

See my image  adi,    In F2 put in this formula  =IF(MAX(IF(($A$2:$A$1000=$A2)*($C$2:$C$1000=$C2)*($D$2:$D$1000="X"),$B$2:$B$1000))=$B2,"Max Login Time",IF(MIN(IF(($A$2:$A$1000=$A2)*($C$2:$C$1000=$C2)*($D$2:$D$1000="X")


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