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2017-03-29 Excel - Code modification:

Michael,    You can send the file, but don't expect me to guess what you are trying to do.  You have to tell me  what the criteria is that it needs to be included in your code.       So I am willing to

2017-03-28 Excel - bar charts:

OK, follow these steps.   For starters, put volumes in the first column & year 2nd. Precede EACH volume entry with an x, so your data would look something like this:  Volume  Year  X1000    1995  X2000

2017-03-26 Excel - VBA:

Chris,    characters like * and ? are wild cards and take special handling to work with so I didn't include them in the list.     You didn't say what to replace each of the characters with so I made two

2017-03-26 Excel - VBA:

Chris,    So I spent the time setting up a test environment to run the code. It ran fine for me.     Looking at your description, the slash you have in your dates is an illegal character.       I could

2017-03-25 Excel - VBA:

Chris,      This code is untested (so no guarantee it doesn't contain errors or that it will do what you want).  See assumptions below.  I would make a copy of all the files in another directory.  I would


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