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2017-01-16 Excel - absolute references in structured references:

Bill,    As a test    =Database[[#Headers][Type]]  remained the same if I copied and pasted it to cells to the right  (or selected the cell for the formula and multiple cells to the right, entered the

2017-01-16 Excel - blank cells vba:

Dave,    If the cells are actually blank then     Range("A1:N50").specialcells(xlBlanks).Value = "X"    this is equivalent to selecting A1:N50, then hitting F5 to get the goto dialog, selecting special

2017-01-15 Excel - headers retain old values:

Bill:    s = "Parts to be ordered for PO #" & ActiveSheet.Range("C2").Text    builds a text string like this:   "Parts to be ordered for PO #1234"  which is assigned to the variable s.  (this assumes C2

2017-01-15 Excel - insert picture in print header:

Bill,    to the best of my knowledge, that is not supported.     1)  I can't do it manually  2)  The Object model doesn't appear to support it.     That assumes you don't want to export the picture from

2017-01-15 Excel - insert picture in print header:

Bill,    Here is some code that adds a picture to the left header and assigns a height.  It locks the aspect ratio so the picture scales.      Sub ABCPicture()  Dim sPath As String, gr As Graphic  sPath


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