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2016-12-06 Excel - Extract Pertinent Data from a Cell:

Joe:    The answer, I'm almost 100% positive, is yes; however, I would need to see your spreadsheet in order to answer the questions specifically.    Can you email it to me (or just a small sample) at

2016-12-06 Excel - Pop-Up message macro:

Bimmy,    Here are two ways you could do it.      Use the Match function:     Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)    Dim Cell As Range, v As Variant, res As Variant    If Not Intersect(Target

2016-12-03 Excel - missing information:

Christopher,    You type a bunch of text in a cell and then in the formula bar at certain placed, do Alt+Enter    then get out of the formula bar and do wrap text (Make sure the column is fairly wide so

2016-12-02 Excel - Macro to delete certain months data:

Gail,    This macro assumes your actual numbes start in row 2.  It finds the last row and loops from the last row to the 2nd row.  I prompts for a month number.       Sub DeleteMonth()  Dim Mnth As Variant

2016-12-01 Excel - Excel function:

Lee,    First, I don't use macs and have no experience with them.  However, I would expect mac excel would work pretty much the same for the situation you describe.  Nontheless, you can send the worksheet


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