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2017-01-16 Running a Restaurant - Food Court Concept:

Hi Ann,    I will do my best to help you. Food courts can be a great way to bring a new concept to the market, but are much more challenging to get into than most people realize.    Malls are looking for

2017-01-13 Starting a Small Business - Liability insurance question:

Erick,    I recommend that you get insurance for a number of reasons:    1. Some customers will probably ask you for a certificate of insurance.  If you don't have your own insurance, in each case you

2017-01-12 Commercial Real Estate Investment - Diffrences in Summary:

Hello, Eric.    'Pro forma' summaries generally include the rent rolls and expenses for a property.     Rent rolls should contain the names of all tenants, the lease dates (commencement and expiration)

2017-01-07 Running an Efficient Customer Service - Dispute:

Hulloo, Mark!    My specialty is really about teaching business owners how to provide better service, how to operate their business, but I'm glad to offer what I hope will be some helpful advice.    I

2017-01-03 Negotiating Business Deals - Convertible Equity:

Hello there    I appreciate your question. It sounds like there are a lot of details and considerations involved and some extremely important issues concerning wording of the agreements.     As such, I


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