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2016-09-14 Scifi Movies - favorite film of 2016:

Personally I don't really care what's original or not. Most of daily life is unoriginal to me. I watch a movie to be entertained. I have no problem with remakes, just bad remakes, or remakes of films that

2016-09-13 Scifi Movies - favorite film of 2016:

Well I couldn't justify my time and money on it to be honest. I think some films should just be left alone instead of remakes that reach into the credibility of the originals just to capitalise on it for

2016-09-13 Scifi Movies - favorite film of the year:

Hi Avi,    Okay... It's really too soon to say what my favorite movie of 2016 is - I don't have a particular one that is better than all the others. So far this year, the highest rating I have given a

2016-09-13 Scifi Movies - favorite film of 2016:

Hello Avi    I have been to quite a few films at the cinema this year and I must say I have seen a few I like a lot, with a lot more to come like Doctor Strange and Rogue Oneetc.    I am huge Marvel Fan

2016-06-25 Scifi Movies - 70's movie or show:

Hi John    I am trying to think of a TV film like that.     At this stage I can only think of "The Six Million Dollar Man" pilot film and TV series from (1973).    Ofcourse Steve Austin wasn't a side kick


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